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Common Cat Health Problems

What Is Feline Hyperesthesia?

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When a cat displays a sudden change in behaviour, such as increased irritability, aggression, or restlessness, it may be suffering from feline hyperesthesia.

Symptoms of Feline Hyperesthesia

Feline hyperesthesia is a condition that causes a cat to experience intense bouts of physical and mental stimulation.

Feline hyperesthesia is a disorder of the nervous system

A cat may become prone to sudden bouts of intense tail swishing, dilated pupils, licking of the back and tail and running around manically like they’re trying to escape from something

The cause is irritation to the nervous system which makes it fire off irrationally, much to the cat’s distress as well as the cat’s owner. Other body systems will also be suffering, but the nervous system is usually the most obvious signs of distress. The cause of the irritation is toxins. So where do the toxins come from?

What Can Be Causing Feline Hyperesthesia?

Toxins are the source of the irritation – where do they come from?

Toxins come from processed food, unfiltered tap-water, household chemicals, medications, flea sprays, spot-ons, chemical wormers, vaccinations and so on. So to prevent the condition worsening, and indeed to heal the nervous system and the whole cat, this is what needs to happen.

What Can I Do To Help My Cat?

Stop the toxic input immediately. Feed natural raw foods, filtered water, herbal wormers, decent nutritional support (PET Plus) and stop all non-essential medications, vaccinations and flea / worm treatments. Also stop using any chemical household products.

Get all natural household cleaners.

On raw food, clean water and PET Plus, you won’t have any fleas. If your cat enjoys hunting, you might get the odd worm, so it’s worth giving the Verm-x, especially as they love it. I give it to mine at bed time as a treat.

Can PET Plus Help?

The PET Plus has the essential fatty acids which are so important in the support of the nervous system, which is mostly made of fat.

Inflammation of the nervous system can also be reduced by giving Arnica which can be obtained as homeopathic tablets from the health food shops. They taste of nothing so cats probably won’t mind them. Just put one inside the mouth, against the inside of their cheek. It just needs to stay in there for about 10 seconds to have an effect. If they swallow it, that’s fine also.