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PET Plus whole food supplement provides enzymes, antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, prebiotics, coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone), taurine and essential fatty acids which are either lost from processed food or missing from a raw food diet.

This is an advanced, high potency formulation which helps replace the food enzyme activity lost in the cooking and processing of foods.

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Take positive action to improve the health of your pet. PET Plus nutritional supplement is suitable for both dogs and cats.

Remember - prevention is better than cure!

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Customer Testimonials

Here is a small random sample of our testimonials.   Want to read them all?

Chronic Colitis Sorted

My dog Harvey had been suffering with colitis. I have switched to giving the dogs filtered water and have been adding PET Plus to their meals. Now Harvey's poos are no longer covered in mucous!

Jean Handley

Painful Colitis In Collie

Chronic diarrhoea and a painful colitis made our Bearded Collie afraid to eat. Your food recommendations and PET Plus has given him a new lease of life. He loves eating now and has his life back!

Janet Peet

I will Be Ordering Again

My 3 cats have been on PET Plus for two months. They all seem much happier with each other. Rosie has a lot more confidence. Thank you for your help. I will be re-ordering.

Annie Greenly

Feline Miliary Dermatitis

My cat was covered in scabs, scratching constantly and losing weight/fur. The vet gave her steroids and antibiotics. Since PET Plus and raw food she looks great, no scabs, fur growing back.

Helen Magee

Dr. Susanna McIntyre - PET Plus Founder

Dr Susanna McIntyre

PET Plus nutritional supplement for dogs and cats was created by veterinary surgeon, Dr. Susanna McIntyre.

Susanna founded the British Veterinary Dental Association in 1988 due to her special interest in pet dental health. After many years in veterinary practice, she developed an interest in the relationship between food and health in both people and animals.

She created  PET Plus for Cats and Pet Plus for Dogs in 1996.   Over the years PET Plus as made easy for everyone to improve the quality of their pets' everyday nutrition by just adding a little powder to their food. 

Poor pet nutrition is common as we rely so much on cooked and processed pet food. The easiest way for you to address this issue of pet ill-health, is to add PET Plus to your dog or cat's diet.