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Pet Plus whole food supplement provides enzymes, antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, prebiotics, coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone), taurine and essential fatty acids which are either lost from processed food or missing from a raw food diet. 

This is an advanced, high potency formulation which helps replace the food enzyme activity lost in the cooking and processing of foods.

What Customers Say About Suzi And PET Plus

  • Suzi -  your advice saved my German Shepherd dog Bruno from a horrible life with allergies. He turned 10 last week and hasn’t been to vet in 4 years because he is fit and healthy and allergies have gone.


  • Both dogs have been doing really well. One of the dogs used to sick up bile every morning but in the last two months this has only happened once – and that was because I forgot to give her Pet Plus!


  • Pet Plus is an excellent supplement to a raw diet. I have Boxers and wouldn’t use anything else. Also a dear elderly cat who sadly is no more, did very well on it. Fantastic product.


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PET Plus nutritional supplement for healthy cats and dogs

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Take positive action to improve the health of your pet.  PET Plus nutritional supplement is suitable for both dogs and cats. 

Remember, prevention is better than cure!
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Dr Susanna McIntrye - Creator of Pet Plus
Dr. Susanna McIntyre - BVSc MRCVS

Who Created PET Plus?

PET Plus nutritional supplement for dogs and cats was created by veterinary surgeon, Dr. Susanna McIntyre.

Susanna founded the British Veterinary Dental Association in 1988 due to her special interest in pet dental health.   After many years in veterinary practice, she developed an interest in the relationship between food and health in both people and animals.

Poor pet nutrition is common as we rely so much on processed pet food. The easiest way for you to address this issue, is to add Pet Plus to your dog or cat's diet.

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Get fast video information about the health benefits of raw food and Pet Plus for your cat or dog. 
Pet Plus Nutritional Supplement for Dogs And Cats
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