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Superior nutrition for all cats and dogs because prevention is better than cure!

Customer Testimonials

We receive hundreds of testimonials. Here are a few for you to peruse! If you want to add yours, simply contact Dr Susanna and tell your story.

PetPlus is a game-changer!

PetPlus is a game-changer! I love that it's safe, effective, and gentle on his digestive system. Highly recommend!

Thomas Villalpando From IPet Guides

The cats love Pet Plus

The new strays who have arrived so thin are loving it in their raw food, They have half a teaspoon of it daily and love it!

Morwenna Holman Cat Rescue 

I Will Use PET Plus For Life

I have supplemented my last five dogs on PET Plus. Their blood haematology is always spot on, even to old age. PET Plus is sheer goodness.

Amanda Barrington

Yorkshire Terriers On PET Plus

My vet introduced me to PET Plus which I feed every day. I was truly amazed at the difference in just 2 weeks. PET Plus is the best thing i have given my dogs since changing to a raw meat diet.

Tricia Bragg

My Dog Loves Life

My 14 year old Golden Doodle has had Pet Plus for years added to his food. He is a healthy boy and loves life.

Sandra Ruddy

PET Plus Customer for 3 Years

We have been using PET Plus for approximately 3 years. It is good to know that by giving our dog PET Plus we are looking after his health and well-being.

Peter Jones

Would Not Be Without PET Plus

I cannot be without PET Plus. It's the only thing that works and prevents 3-4 weekly visits to the vets to have the dogs anal glands emptied. We tried everything before and nothing worked.

Mari-Anne Harstead

Love The Updated PET Plus

What a very interesting article about the PET Plus ingredients. I can't wait to order my next PET Plus for my cats.

Annie  Marston

You Saved My Dog

I must give you credit for the good health of my elderly dogs. I've been following your advice and giving PET Plus for seven years. There is no doubt that you saved little Ashley's life.

Ramona Aragon

Extended Life

My cat had kidney disease and was given 3 months to live. But after taking Dr Susanna's advice he was raw fed and taking PET Plus. He lived for another 34 months! Thank you so much.

Amanda Warren

PET Plus Prevents Vet Visit

My two cats have been on PET Plus now for over 2 months and are running around like kittens! Before they were at the vets every couple of weeks, but since taking PET Plus they have not been once!

Lucy Morrison

PET Plus Fixed Diarrhoea

My Collie puppy had diarrhoea. All diarrhoea ceased fifteen hours after commencing raw food and PET Plus. Hoorah! He has not looked back since.

Lorraine Bowden

Raw Food Is Best!

I started the dogs on raw food and PET Plus. Going out without poo bags is not such an icky job! Can’t say it’s a pleasure but certainly not the chore it used to be! Good firm STOOLS!!!

Rita Rogers

Feline Miliary Dermatitis

My cat was covered in scabs, scratching constantly and losing weight/fur. The vet gave her steroids and antibiotics. Since PET Plus and raw food she looks great, no scabs, fur growing back.

Helen Magee

My Cat Loves PET Plus

Buster, my cat, loves PET Plus!! I gave him his first dose yesterday – I mixed it with homemade chicken stock and he loved it!

Denise King

Working Cocker Spaniel

My working Cocker Spaniel has gone back in time since starting your PET Plus! He's so much more energetic and has even got his hearing back. And that’s really important as he’s a gun dog.

Margaret Allen

Retriever With Canine Pica

Our Retriever used to eat rubber balls and rubbish and had terrible poos. Since PET Plus and his new raw diet is no longer eats weird things and bounces around like a puppy. What a relief!

Belinda Owens

Painful Colitis In Collie

Chronic diarrhoea and a painful colitis made our Bearded Collie afraid to eat. Your food recommendations and PET Plus has given him a new lease of life. He loves eating now and has his life back!

Janet Peet

Thank Goodness For Pet Plus!

I thought a delicate stomach and diarrhoea were just part of being a German Shepherd. The natural treatments you used with the diet and PET Plus have finally sorted her digestive problems. Thank you.

Brenda Bowden

End of Sleepless Nights!

My two English Setters had digestive problems for the last four years. Vastly improved after feeding raw but was all cured once we added PET Plus. So sorry I didn't find out about PET Plus earlier.

Michelle Read