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Raw Feeding For Dogs

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If you are ever in doubt about what constitutes an excellent diet for your dog, just remember what they might have eaten in the wild.

You don’t have to feed your dog or cat every single suitable raw food, every single day.

Firstly, remember that not everything needs to be fed every single day.

Minced Raw Meat And Bone

Basically, RAW meat and bone are the majority of the diet, easily purchased minced up from numerous raw pet food manufacturers, or your local butcher.

Offal And Organ Meat

Offal and organ meats are for example, heart, lung, liver, kidney, spleen, green tripe, intestines and contents should also be included in the diet.

What’s The Difference Between Offal And Normal Meat?

The difference between offal and “normal” meat is interesting. There are so many conflicting definitions, but it’s basically all the bits that aren’t meat and bone and skin and fat.

Offal should be about 20% of the diet, so I usually give an offal and organ meat meal once or twice weekly.

Liquidised Raw Greens

Mix liquidized raw green vegetables like broccoli, spinach, kale etc., by about 20% by volume, with the minced bits of dead herbivores!

PET Plus

Add Pet Plus to the meat, bone, offal, organ and liquidized greens mix to provide the missing elements from the diet which cannot be easily created in the kitchen.

Do these things and you have a pretty perfect dog diet!

Later, Add Bones

Once your dog grows used to the joys and nourishment of eating real raw food, you can consider giving real raw meaty bones like RAW chicken wings / drumsticks.

Choose the RAW meaty bones of animals that are of a size that your dog / cat would actually catch and eat in the wild …. unlikely to be beef knuckle bones or any beef bones for that matter. Also, ensure there is plenty of meat on the bone.

For example, being a Border Collie, my dog is unlikely to catch or eat cattle, pigs or fish, so I don’t feed beef or pork or fish to her. And my cat does not recognize beef, pork or fish as food. He tries to bury it!

Consider Water

In the wild, all animals drink water from streams, lakes, ponds, water holes and puddles. They do not drink from chemically treated tap water which is frankly not safe for any of us to drink. This means you should filter water, for yourself and your dog.

Electromagnetic Pollution

Electromagnetic pollution is another unnatural danger for cats. This means it is best to switch off WiFi, mobile phones, televisions, chargers and computer screens whenever they are not in use.

In fact, we should all, people and pets, avoid WiFi wherever possible. In your house, you can have a modem that does not squirt out WiFi but puts the internet through cables and into your house’s electrical circuits. It’s called dLAN Duo, and it’s available from Amazon.