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Common Cat Health Problems

Parasitic Overload And Chronic Infections

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Below is a question I was asked by one of my new clients. I felt it would be a good idea to share it with you as parasitic overload and chronic infections can be very common and difficult to treat.

The Problem – A Cat Infested With Fleas

I just ordered PET Plus for my little rescue cat Gypsy on the recommendation of Sam at the Gryn Cottage Cattery.

We don’t know how old she is, possibly about 4 years, but she’s always been very tiny. She was infested with fleas and worms and had a bad infection in both ears when we got her which took a long time to clear up with antibiotics and steroids from the vet.

Dry Skin And Scabs

She had scratched away all the fur around her ears but thankfully most of it has now grown back. However her skin is still very dry and large flakes come away whenever we groom her, it also scabs up (I assume from flea bites) and she scratches it so much it takes a long time to heal, just to note I have never found any fleas on her or in the home.

Black Fur Turning Brown

The other major thing about Gypsy is that she’s a black cat, or rather she’s not, as she’s turning brown. Other than that, she is a happy, playful little thing, loves her food (James Wellbeloved wet food) but I just can’t help but feel that she’s not quite right and it makes me feel guilty that I can’t help her!

Looking at your other responses I’m confident PET Plus will help her, but is there anything else we could be doing? I looked at the Prize Choice website but was a little confused, is it for dogs? I also don’t have a freezer (only an ice box) so that may be an issue.

Fleas And Nutrition – Dr Susanna’s Response

The patches of dry skin could be flea bites, but more likely it’s now an intolerance to her food and/or a deficiency in essential fatty acids. The browning of her lovely black fur could also be a nutritional deficiency.

Feed PET Plus

PET Plus supplies all the nutrients she needs, so over time that will all recover, but give it time! It won’t repair overnight, unfortunately.

You could also improve her food intake by feeding her on raw food. Prize Choice is also for cats. I’m not sure why they just say dogs on it. My cats have been thriving on it for years. You can buy it at Pets At Home and other pet supermarkets. The staff there seem to think it’s dog food too.

Feed Raw

I also give whole raw little fish, like sprats. They love them. Raw chicken wings are also excellent once they are used to eating raw food. I usually cut the small ends off and give those to the cats; the dogs have the big bits. Sometimes, the cats like to gnaw on the big bits too.

So you could store a few packets of Prize Choice in your freezer compartment. A cat needs 1/4 – 1/2 packet a day, depending on how big, active or old they are. You can judge whether you’re giving enough or too much by what happens to her body shape. If she’s not filling out, she needs more. If she’s getting a bit plump, she needs less!

I also use Verm-x as a daily herbal wormer. They love it and it works.

I’m Here To Help!

If you have a question you would like me to answer or a comment you would like to leave – please feel free to do so below, or use the Ask Dr Susanna form. I look forward to hearing from you!