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Because Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Is Your Dog Or Cat Getting All The Nutrition They Need?

They Will If You Add PET Plus To Their Food!

PET Plus whole food supplement provides the nutrients which may be missing from your dog or cat's diet. Available in 400g and 100g tubs.
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How Long Will PET Plus Last?

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Cat or Small Dog

For cats and small dogs weighing up to 7.5kg, a 100g tub of PET Plus will last approx 4 months. They need ¼ teaspoonful in food daily.
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Medium Dog

For a medium sized dog, weighing 7.5kg-15kg, a 100g tub of PET Plus will last approx. 2 months. They need ½ teaspoonful in food daily.
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Large Dog

For large dogs, over 15kg, a 100g tub of PET Plus lasts approx 1 month. A 400g tub lasts approx 4 months. They need 1 teaspoonful mixed in food daily.

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Large PET Plus

Suitable for both dogs and cats


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Regular PET Plus

Suitable for both dogs and cats


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Got Questions?

Which countries do you deliver to?

Although we are based in the UK, we can deliver PET Plus internationally.

What Currency Are PET Plus Prices Shown In?

All prices are shown in UK pounds sterling. But when you pay with your card, you will be charged the appropriate price in your local currency.

What About VAT?

All prices are inclusive of UK VAT

What Do Other Customers Think Of PET PLus?

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