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Part 6

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Why does PET Plus work so well? The combination of enzymes in PET Plus helps our pets to digest the food they’re given.

Did you know that without proper enzymes, particles of processed food end up in the bloodstream. Immune systems attack these particles as invading foreign bodies.

Why PET Plus Works

The prebiotics (mostly green plants) and probiotics help to keep the digestive system working properly. The essential fatty acids (mostly omega 3 with some omega 6 and 9) help to maintain cell health a glossy coat and dramatically reduce inflammation.

The whole formulation provides the nutrients our carnivorous friends would naturally obtain for themselves in the wild by eating whole raw herbivores, especially the gut contents with all that well chewed, partially digested raw plant material!

As our pets rarely eat whole herbivores as they were designed to eat, PET Plus makes up for all the missing enzymes.

How I Feed My Pets

We’re constantly reviewing the formulation and modifying the ingredients as new information is revealed, so we can bring you the very best nutritional support for your pets!

For decades, I fed our dogs and cats on minced raw meat and bone mixed with pulverised greens and PET Plus. I mixed offal and organ meats with this once or twice a week to mimic the proportions of a whole wild herbivore.

About 3 times a week, I gave them raw chicken carcasses  as well as a small amount of the minced combination. But for the last 5 years, I have been feeding them all raw vegan food, lentil stews mixed with PET Plus of course and raw PET Plus biscuits!


Use Natural Wormer And Anti Tick Methods

These days, I have a cat who adopted me as a stray tiny kitten in 2021. I invited him to stay as long as he agreed to be vegan. (see article on vegan pets….link please!). He is a very healthy cat and sometimes sadly supplements his diet with rats, mice, lizards and the odd bird. Well, cats will be cats! The number one ace predator.

I use a natural wormer daily just in case any parasite manages to overcome their fantastic immune systems! I never needed to use any flea treatments at all as fleas just don’t live on these exceptionally healthy animals.

I am absolutely passionate about this! Our pets deserve better food then they can enjoy better health and we can enjoy their vibrant energy!

We wouldn’t feed ourselves or our children out of a packet, so why on earth do we do it to our gorgeous, beloved pets? A healthy pet is such a joy. I’m so pleased to be able to bring you this fantastic pet nutritional supplement.