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Part 5

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Having started sorting the family’s health by taking Juice Plus and increasing the quantity and quality of raw food in our diets, I realised I was still feeding processed food to our cats.

Raw plant food improved human health – but I was still feeding my pets processed food …

So What About Healthy Eating For Pets?

A friend suggested a source of good quality frozen raw minced meat and bone so I started feeding this to our cats immediately. I was just about to give them their flea treatment as I had seen some on them. But after they’d started on the raw food the change in their health was quite remarkable. Within a couple of days their fleas vanished. I was amazed. I never even used the flea spray!

I took over the original JP for C&D, improved it / upgraded the ingredients/ made it better!!! and renamed it PET Plus

The Creation of PET PLus for Cats and Dogs

Then in 1996, PET Plus for Cats and Pet Plus for Dogs was created, first in USA as Juice Plus for Dogs and Juice Plus for Cats. But then I brought it to UK as Pet Plus.

This made it so easy for everyone to improve the quality of their pets’ nutrition by just adding a little powder to their food. The positive benefits to their health were amazing!

PET Plus Transforms Dogs and Cats

I kept getting phone calls from delighted owners telling me their dog’s bowels were working better, their cat’s coat was thicker and more glossy, their dog had so much more energy and seemed like a puppy again, their cat had no fleas, their dog’s gums were healthier and so on.

The positive health results of adding PET Plus to pet food was astonishing.

This still happens as more and more people discover the enormous benefits of healthy nutrition for both themselves and their pets. It’s so exciting!

PET Plus Improves Oral Health Too

Within my speciality of veterinary dentistry, the one oral condition which we were unable to treat effectively was chronic gingivostomatitis in cats (FGS) (and a few breeds of small dog), where their mouths became so inflamed and sore that the poor creatures were virtually unable to eat or groom themselves.

I decided to offer them PET Plus as part of their treatment and was astonished to see the improvements. At last we had a way of treating these poor animals.

A Controlled Medical Trial For PET Plus

So I asked one of my veterinary colleagues, Max Tuck, if she would help me do a controlled trial on the effects of PET Plus on the oral health of dogs and cats.

Half the pets that came in for dental treatment had PET Plus as part of their treatment and half did not. It soon became clear that those on PET Plus were doing much better than those without Pet Plus.

We published the results in a medical journal

We wrote up the results and the paper was published in the British Veterinary Dental Association Journal in 2000 (Penman and Tuck, A pilot study to explore the effects of active enzymes on the oral health of cats and dogs).