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Part 4

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In 1990, I gave birth to our daughter, and then 16 months later, I had twin boys.

Coming To Terms With Cerebral Palsy

One night, in the first few weeks, one of the twins stopped breathing and would have been a “cot death”, but fortunately I was able to resuscitate him.

The other developed Kernicterus and subsequently, severe cerebral palsy. It was then that I knew I had to look into complementary medicine.

Food As Medicine

Cranial osteopathy and chiropractic techniques made an enormous difference to him, but he still suffered constipation and various other challenges. All of us had allergies (asthma and eczema) and I was completely exhausted.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are the most important components of our diet.

Then in 1993, quite by chance, I read about the importance of fruits and vegetables in the diet and came across Juice Plus. Our lives were transformed. My energy levels increased, all our allergies disappeared and our overall health improved dramatically.

Juice Plus Changes Our Lives

I started learning about nutrition and have been studying it and taking Juice Plus ever since. There are now numerous published scientific, peer reviewed studies on Juice Plus showing the

  • increase in antioxidants
  • the concomitant decrease in free radical damage
  • the 66% reduction in DNA damage
  • the improvements in the functioning of the immune system (including increased activity of the cancer killing natural killer cells)
  • the improved muscle to fat ratio
  • the reduction in plasma homocysteine (one of the causes of cardiovascular disease)
  • the reduction in the vasoconstriction which normally follows a fatty meal
  • the reduction in the markers of cell damage during exercise
  • the improvement in skin health and structure and many many more.

Most people and most medical professionals do not recognise the power of fruits and vegetables in the human diet.

A study was completed at a dental school in the UK showing marked improvements in periodontal (gum) health in people taking Juice Plus: it is in the pipeline for publication in a peer reviewed journal, which always takes ages!

My Introduction to the Hippocrates Health Institute

I also spent 3 weeks at the Hippocrates Wellness with Max Tuck, a most amazing veterinary surgeon, following their Life Change Programme which was indeed life changing.

I have vastly increased the amount of raw greens in my diet and drink a green juice or smoothie almost every morning. My health and vitality just go on improving.