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The Great PET Plus Adventure: A Six-Chapter Tail Wag

Join us on a romp through the playful and heartwarming chapters of PET Plus. It's a story worth wagging about!

  • Susanna McIntyre

    My Early Interest In Animals My name is Susanna McIntyre and from an early age I was brought up with pets. My interest in animals started with two guinea pigs (which suddenly became eight, as they do) followed by a cat, then later, a horse. I rescued as many injured wild animals as I could…

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    Part 1
  • Animal Dentistry

    After a few months working and playing in Kenya (to recover from the university course), I started my first job. It was in an incredibly busy mixed veterinary practice, seeing all species, from dogs and cats to sheep and cows, at all hours of the day and night. It was a fabulous job! No two…

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    Part 2
  • Epigenetics

    At about this time, my mother developed ovarian cancer after 12 years on hormone replacement therapy. Learning About Cancer Treatment We went to several surgeons who declared her cancer inoperable. I took her to The Bristol Cancer Centre (now Penny Brohn Cancer Care) and learned the importance of a good positive, loving attitude, filtering your water…

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    Part 3
  • Juice Plus

    In 1990, I gave birth to our daughter, and then 16 months later, I had twin boys. Coming To Terms With Cerebral Palsy One night, in the first few weeks, one of the twins stopped breathing and would have been a “cot death”, but fortunately I was able to resuscitate him. The other developed Kernicterus…

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    Part 4
  • The BARF Diet

    Having started sorting the family’s health by taking Juice Plus and increasing the quantity and quality of raw food in our diets, I realised I was still feeding processed food to our cats. Raw plant food improved human health – but I was still feeding my pets processed food … So What About Healthy Eating…

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    Part 5
  • Pet Health & Nutrition

    Why does PET Plus work so well? The combination of enzymes in PET Plus helps our pets to digest the food they’re given. Did you know that without proper enzymes, particles of processed food end up in the bloodstream. Immune systems attack these particles as invading foreign bodies. Why PET Plus Works The prebiotics (mostly…

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    Part 6

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