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How Pet Plus Helps Cats

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Cats are carnivores. They are designed get all the nutrients they need by eating whole herbivorous animals: meat, bones, guts, the whole lot!

PET Plus supplies the missing nutrients, bridging the gap between what they’re designed to eat and what we feed them.

In The Wild

Herbivores spend much of their time chewing vegetable matter into a pulp to improve its digestibility. So herbivore guts are full of very well chewed, partially digested vegetation and numerous healthy bacteria (probiotics).

By consuming the gut contents of these herbivores, cats obtain the vast range of nutrients and micronutrients present in vegetation which would otherwise be inaccessible to them.

Cats are not grazing animals and have neither the teeth nor the digestive system to cope with eating vegetable and fruit matter. That’s why nature has allowed the herbivores do the hard work of chewing, fermenting and digesting grass all day.

A cat will lay in wait, leap out from a bush and catch a tiny herbivore. Evolution has ensured this process if very efficient.

PET Plus And Raw Food

Most cats are fed with commercial processed food. These animals are definitely missing out and suffering from a lack of good nutrition.

However, when we do the best for our cats and feed them raw food, we rarely feed them a whole animal.

This means they too are missing out on nutrients. Raw food fed cats can still be missing out on the gut contents and all those fabulous nutrients and probiotics that come from the predigested vegetable and fruit matter in the stomach of a whole herbivore.

Mixing PET Plus in with their raw meat and bone makes up for this missing nutrition by providing the nutrients, micronutrients and probiotics of this ‘grass soup’ in a more civilised form.

PET Plus And Processed foods

Processed foods are more difficult for cats to digest as most of the nutrients and micronutrients are damaged or lost during processing.

The enzymes in PET Plus help with this digestive process, making the nutrients in the food more accessible to your cat.

Being highly evolved carnivores, cats rely heavily on protein and fat for their metabolism and good health. Unfortunately, most commercial cat foods consist of a combination of cereals, fats and meat proteins, all of which have been damaged by heat processing.

The supplemental enzymes in PET Plus work with your cat’s own digestive enzymes to help ensure that your cat receives the maximum amount of nutrition available from the food eaten.


In the wild, cats would only consume cereals in a partially digested state from the guts of their prey, combined with other vegetation and numerous enzymes.

They would not choose to eat cereals themselves and certainly not cooked cereals! The ProCerealase and Amylase enzymes in PET Plus address this need, helping cats to digest these unnatural foods.

Proteins And Fats

Heat processing makes many of the nutrients difficult to digest, especially proteins. The Protease enzymes in PET Plus help with the digestion of these damaged proteins, enabling cats to access these essential nutrients.

Likewise, the Lipase enzymes aid the digestion of the fats. PET Plus also supplies a well balanced, easily assimilated source of omega 3,6 and 9 from flax seed and safflower.

The feline gastrointestinal tract is extremely short. Therefore, ingested foods move quickly through it, making digestibility a highly desirable feature of cat food.

The enzyme formula in PET Plus for Cats provides high potency, multiple enzymes which help to replace the food enzyme activity lost in the cooking and processing of food.

The whole food-based ingredients in PET Plus supply a great range of natural phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which work synergistically to protect your cat.