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How PET Plus Helps Dogs

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Dogs are basically carnivores, but they are also scavengers and can survive eating old carcasses, droppings, ripe fruit, some vegetation, bark, herbs, roots and even insects. Eating the whole fresh carcass, including the guts would be the very best! They thrive on this. But dogs are great survivors and can gain nutrients from a wide range of sources, as long as they are raw! We rarely give our pet dogs the opportunity to find a diet of such variety. Adding PET Plus to their food helps to provide all those nutrients they would otherwise get in the wild.

PET Plus And Raw Food

Feeding raw food is undoubtedly the best way to feed dogs, but we usually give them parts of the animal, missing out the guts. This is where PET Plus steps in by providing those missing micronutrients.

PET Plus And Processed foods

During the processing of dog foods, many of the nutrients and enzymes are irreversibly damaged, making them really hard for dogs to digest. By adding PET Plus, dogs are more able to access the nutrition in the food.

Being fairly adaptable carnivores, dogs can survive on dietary sources of energy derived from plants or animals, as long as the food that they ingest is digested and the nutrients are absorbed. Most commercial dog foods are made from a mixture of grains and animal proteins. Heat processing makes many of the nutrients difficult to digest, especially proteins. Working with your dog’s own digestive enzymes, PET Plus assists your dog in gaining the most nutrients from the food they eat.


Eating animals that eat grains is the only way dogs would naturally get any grains and those would be partly digested by the prey animal. Cooked grains would not even be available in the wild! To help dogs to deal with these, ProCerealase and Amylase enzymes have been included in PET Plus.

Proteins And Fats

Cooked proteins and fats are particularly badly damaged, so the Protease and Lipase enzymes in PET Plus are essential. As a source of good fats is really important, we have included flax seed and safflower which together supply the right balance of omega 3, 6 and 9.

The inclusion of the whole food blend provides additional natural vitamins and minerals, which are often missing from commercial pet foods, where synthetics are added to account for the loss which occurs with processing.

To Conclude

PET Plus is a valuable addition to both raw and processed food diets as it provides a whole host of nutrients and micronutrients which they might otherwise lack.