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Why Buy PET Plus For Your Dog or Cat?

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PET Plus contains the micronutrients dogs and cats would naturally eat in the wild. But because they have been domesticated, most pet dogs and cats no longer receive the food that is biologically appropriate for them.

Full of variety, a wild diet would be rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics, phytonutrients, fatty acids (omega 3, 6 and 9) and many other vital factors.

Proper nutrients that our pets have evolved to require for optimal health, are missing from processed pet foods.

These nutrients are missing from the food typically fed to cats and dogs, whether it’s raw or processed. So to make the most of our pets’ health and vitality, we need to add the missing nutrients, and this can be achieved by adding PET Plus.

From Surviving To Thriving!

PET Plus can help your pets to thrive, instead of merely survive.

PET Plus is a powdered, “civilised” version of the “grass soup”, they’d normally have access to in the wild. When mixed in with their food every day, it provides plenty of phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes.

But I Already Feed Raw!

PET Plus beautifully complements the natural raw food diet that dogs and cats are designed to eat. So if you are already feeding raw then well done. Adding PET Plus will only enhance the benefits of a fully raw diet.

If you are feeding a processed food diet, this powdered raw food concentrate is essential to help the body to digest, absorb and utilise it as well as providing thousands of valuable nutrients, which work synergistically.

How Would Cats Behave In The Wild?

Cats would naturally catch herbivorous animals and eat them fresh, raw and whole.

Not only do they need the nutrients in the meat and bone of their prey, but also the thousands of micronutrients and probiotics present in the guts of the prey, and its whole carcass.

Today, very few cats eat properly. Most are fed dry food, which let’s face it, no cat has evolved to eat.

Very few cats eat like a good wholesome diet today! Most rely on the dry or processed food provided in their bowls, which lacks these natural micronutrients.

This is why we have created PET Plus, to supply these much needed micronutrients and help your cat to get the most out of his or her food.

How Would Dogs Behave In The Wild?

Dogs seem to be more adaptable. In the wild, they would catch herbivorous animals as cats would, but dogs are also scavengers. This means they eat the remains of raw carcasses as well as vegetables and fruit.

But now, the only food dogs can scavenge is scrapped human food

Most pet dogs cannot eat in a natural way because if we allowed them to scavenge, they would consume the cooked remains of the cooked and processed food most people eat. This can do them much harm.

Like cats, dogs too depend on their owner’s choice of pet food, obediently eating whatever they find in their bowl.

Instinctively knowing they are lacking something, they sometimes eat sheep poo and grass, dashing off into the bushes to see what they can find.

PET Plus fills the gap, by providing those micronutrients your dog seeks and needs.