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Immune Systems

What Is Digestive Leukocytosis?

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No Enzymes Leads to Poor Health

What is digestive leukocytosis? Do you have any idea? Well, I’ll tell you what it is. It’s the increase in white blood cell count in the body after eating a cooked meal or even worse after eating a microwaved meal. 

Never ever give your dog or cat or even yourself, microwaved food. It is the most dangerous type of food that there is to swallow.  

Never give your dog or cat – or yourself – microwaved food

And after eating cooked and processed food the body is unable to digest it properly because of the lack of enzymes as we’ve discussed before, so the partially digested food is absorbed into the blood and in the blood the body recognizes this as something foreign.

White Blood Cells Attack Food Particles

So it thinks, ah I’d better do something about this and so it launches an immune response to the food that’s in the blood. So this causes an increase in white blood cell count because the white blood cells are your main defence, they’re your main immune system, the first line of defence. 

And so your white blood cell count increases. Your white blood cells are heavily involved then in breaking down the food particles that have found themselves in your blood.

When real enemies enter the bloodstream – such as bacteria – white blood cells are too busy dealing with food.

It’s a crazy situation to be in. Because then, when a real enemy, so to speak, like a bacteria or virus or parasite or something, enters the blood the white blood cells are all very busy digesting the food which is equally much of a threat. 

And so that allows then the bacteria, virus or other pathogen to get past unnoticed and that’s why eating processed food (including cooked food) reduces the functionality and the ability of your immune system to actually work to defend yourself against the real pathogens. 

That’s why eating a raw food diet is the best way to improve the immune system of your pets and prevent them from suffering from infection.