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Have you ever put the wrong fuel in your car? Yes, me too. 

The car works for a few minutes, then gradually the engine starts misfiring, it runs out of power and then stops. The car doctor (mechanic) has to drain out all the fuel and dispose of this toxic waste, then clean out the engine and fill it with the correct fuel, all at vast expense and inconvenience. Repeating such events damages the car with progressively worse performance until it finally cannot be repaired.

What about our pets…..and ourselves? 

We repeatedly put the wrong fuel (food, water, living conditions) into our pets, our children and ourselves. Being more forgiving and adaptable than a car, living bodies can often tolerate this while they’re young, but gradually, their energy producing systems, their engines, start misfiring and they develop progressively more complex and serious ailments, starting with something mild and barely noticeable, like the odd headache, ear ache, runny nose.

The veterinarian / doctor / ‘animal mechanic’ removes (suppresses) the symptoms, but unlike the car mechanic, rarely addresses the real cause. 

A naturopathic vet / doctor will realize that the fuel is the cause and do their best to put in higher quality fuel (enzyme supplements like PET Plus and enzymatically active, raw food) supporting the body as it gradually removes the ‘wrong fuel’ from its system and repairs the damaged parts of the engine (various organs).

During this process, the body has to work hard to undo the damage and the animal / person may experience a ‘healing crisis’.

If the engine is so damaged that it has stopped working, the garage (hospital) will pour in clean fuel (an intravenous drip) and try to bump start the engine (resuscitate) with whatever tools they have to hand.

And just think, this could all be so easily prevented by putting in the right fuel in the first place.

So what’s the best fuel for us and our beloved pets? 

What nature provides! Unadulterated, natural, enzymatically active, fresh, raw food.

And yet people think that changing to a raw living foods diet is so radical. 

And having open heart surgery is not??? 

We have 60,000 miles of blood vessels and they put in a stent to open up 6 inches? What’s the point of that?? 

It buys you time to make the necessary changes to prevent recurrence, but few people heed the warning and keep on driving their car with the red warning light flashing till it is beyond repair. Many people cover the red warning light with a sticker (equivalent to taking symptom suppressing medications!). 

It is dumped at the car cemetery and they buy a new one. But you can’t buy a new body.

Enzymes are the key to health!

Take enzyme supplements, give PET Plus to all your pets (and yourselves!) and feed them (and yourselves) on as much enzymatically active, raw food as you can. 

For me, that’s 100% with the odd bit of chocolate!!! I value my health!!

We can also accelerate the activity, effectiveness and vitality of our precious stem cells using phototherapy patches called x39 (see for more information).

These 4 little eBooks will help you on your way to improving your pet’s health…and your own!!

You can save them as PDFs and print them too if you fancy.