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Pet Obesity

How To Help A Cat Lose Weight

Table of Contents

Raw Food Is The Way Forward

Feeding fresh, raw meat and bone mince is the best to start with.

Part of the purpose of eating is to hydrate the body. Our bodies are all about 80% water. In the wild, cats get a lot of their fluid from the animals they eat. Feeding dry food is the quickest way to stress the kidneys, so definitely get your cat off that.

What Is Fat For?

Read my blog post about fat and how to lose fat, which explains the purpose of fat, but in short, fat is toxin storage.

Fat is where the body stores toxins

Toxins are anything the body can’t deal with, namely anything that isn’t what they’d eat in the wild, so in the case of a cat, anything that isn’t raw meat and bone.

Dry Food Is Bad For Cats

Dry food is the worst as it’s full of grains and carbohydrates which are useless for cats. Also, it’s so heat treated and processed, the molecules are unrecognisable to the cat’s digestive system, causing digestive leukocytosis and so on.

There are no toxins in raw food and it is 100% recognisable to the cat’s digestive system as it is what cats are biologically adapted to eat.

Low Protein Food For Senior Cats???

To save her kidneys, get her onto raw meat and bone as soon as you can. The “whole low protein for old cats” marketing fails to take into account the quality of that protein.

Raw meat provides high quality, easily digested protein. Cooked and processed is impossible to deal with and causes no end of problems.

Cooked food causes no end of problems

Once she’s used to raw minced meat and bone, you can give her whole sprats and little sardines, raw, from the fishmonger, NOT from a tin!! Then offer her chicken wings!

Raw egg is excellent too. Cats usually only want the yolk, so I guess you’ll be making a lot of meringues! You can offer the whole egg and see what she does.

I would give a cat about 150 – 200g raw minced meat and bone in divided servings daily. Don’t leave the food down if they leave any, instead pick their bowl up as soon as they’ve finished. Some cats are trickle feeders, so need the equivalent of about 10-14 mice a day. Mice don’t weigh much! Others have a feast then sleep it off for the rest of the day.