Skin And Flea Problems

Raw Food Prevents Parasites

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Dr Susanna Teaches At The Hippocrates Institute

Hi, I’m at the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach Florida, United States where I’m teaching the health educators about cell nutrition, how to feed themselves and their pets on raw food and why it’s important. And one of the things that’s important is for the prevention of parasites.

Raw Food Makes For a Good Immune System

So when you’re fed on raw food your body’s immune system works perfectly and there’s no debris being excreted in the wrong way for the fleas and the worms and the bacteria and the yeast to feed on. 

Eating raw food prevents debris in your pet’s blood

So the prevention of parasites is really by feeding raw food, particularly with digestive enzymes and systemic enzymes as you find in PET Plus. 

Parasites come along to clear up the mess and the mess is caused by eating processed food because the liver is overwhelmed with trying to get rid of the debris that has been absorbed into into the blood but is not really usable by the body. 

So the liver is trying to excrete it. Normally it would go out through the bile and out through the intestines and out in the poo, the faeces, but when that whole system is overloaded it has to come out in a different way. It’s called vicarious elimination.

Fleas Love Debris

So it can come out through the skin and the fleas absolutely love that because they have plenty of food to eat there and it can also come out through the mucous membranes of the lungs and that causes coughing and sneezing and sniffling and runny eyes and the bacteria love that they come in there to try and gobble that all up. 

Food debris can be eliminated through the skin – which is great news for parasites

Also you get parasites inside like worms and the body can digest those actually particularly if you give them systemic enzymes and digestive enzymes particularly containing Aristozyme  – which is the enzyme that we now have in PET Plus I’m delighted to say.

So that also helps to reduce the parasitic load. So the basic solution to the problem of parasites is to prevent the excretion from occurring which the parasites are there to gobble up. And that happens by feeding raw food, by drinking filtered water and by living in a clean toxin-free environment.