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Juice Plus For Dogs And Juice Plus For Cats

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PET Plus (for cats and dogs) was originally made by the brilliant company that makes Juice Plus for humans. The products used to be called

  • Juice Plus for Dogs and
  • Juice Plus for Cats.

They have stopped making the Juice Plus for pets so they can focus on the human version, which the humans in our family have been taking since 1993! It’s brilliant. You can find more on this by visiting my Juice Plus web site.

As a naturopathic, holistic veterinary surgeon, I really valued the enormous benefits Juice Plus for Dogs and Cats brought to all the dogs and cats I treated. So I decided to manufacture it myself. I renamed it PET Plus for Dogs and PET Plus for Cats in 1997 when I first brought it to Europe.

Fantastic Health Improvements

In 1996-7 Max Tuck and I ran a Pilot Study to explore the effects of PET Plus on cats and dogs with periodontal disease. We were staggered by the results.

Even those poor cats with Chronic Feline Stomatitis and Gingivitis Complex gradually returned to normal, without the barbaric extraction of their teeth. Since then, numerous veterinary practices, pet health food shops and individuals have been telling me of the excellent results they are seeing with dogs and cats on PET Plus.

You Are What You Eat

Good nutrition is the foundation of good health. How can we expect our pets to be healthy when we feed them the same old biscuits or the same old tinned meat every day? Would we feed our children like that? Would we eat that kind of food ourselves, every single day? Of course not!

All the nutrients are destroyed in the processing of these foods so as time goes on, your poor old pet gradually deteriorates. Adding PET Plus to their food puts all the essential, delicate nutrients back, enabling your pet to digest their food and maintain youthful health and vitality.

Better still, feed the food carnivores like dogs and cats are designed to eat! Have a think about what they would eat in the wild. Whole, fresh herbivores, like mice and rabbits.

They eat the meat, bone, fur, guts, organs, toenails….the whole lot! We can come close to providing the same nutritional value as their wild diet by feeding raw meat and bone, liquidised greens and PET Plus, which supplies the nutrients and probiotics they would otherwise gain from eating the herbivore’s guts.

PET Plus

I am committed to providing the very best nutritional support for our dogs and cats in PET Plus! As the benefits of other fabulous, important, natural whole food nutrients are discovered, I am constantly updating the ingredients and improving the formulation, thus ensuring PET Plus is always the very best!