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Common Cat Health Problems

Cat Health Problems

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Over the last 100 years, cat health problems have increased in diversity and complexity. There are numerous bacterial and viral infections which cats’ immune systems seem unable to combat these days and for which there is apparently no cure with conventional veterinary medicine. The truth is that pathogens can only survive in an unhealthy individual, as Louis Pasteur said on his death bed.

Dental Disease

The commonest health problem in cats is undoubtedly dental disease, affecting not only the teeth but more importantly, the gums and supporting tissues (periodontal disease). More teeth are lost as a result of periodontal disease than for any other reason; the same is true for humans too.

The good news is that this is preventable through proper nutrition and oral hygiene. The raw food cats would normally eat in the wild not only provides the numerous nutrients and micronutrients they require for optimal health, but also exercises their jaws, teeth and periodontal tissues and keeps them entertained.

Tooth Brushing?

Tooth brushing helps to keep the teeth clean but is only required if the cats are fed on processed food, whether that be home prepared cooked food, tinned or dried. When fed on raw food, there are rarely any accumulations of debris on the teeth as all the micro-nutrients are supplied to support the natural self cleaning mechanisms of the mouth and the strongly antibacterial saliva which work together to maintain excellent oral hygiene.

The oral cavity is even healthier when chunks of raw meat and raw meaty bones form part of the diet, providing a physical cleaning of the teeth as they cut through the meat and gristle.

Immune System

Given the correct balance of natural nutrients, clean water, exercise, rest and love, most health issues in cats can be prevented. The immune system is extremely efficient at spotting problems and dealing with them before they get out of hand. Unfortunately, most cats are fed on processed food which gives the immune system a lot of work and does not give it the nutritional support it requires for optimal function.

Eating processed food uses up so many enzymes that the digestive system cannot complete its task, so partially digested food particles are absorbed into the blood where they are recognised as intruders by the immune system.

The white blood cells attack these particles and complete their digestion in the blood, an effect called digestive leucocytosis. While the immune system is kept busy on this unnatural task, any pathogens or cancer cells or other invaders can pass by undetected. This is a major cause of cat health problems today.


Allergies are common cat health problems these days, especially asthma, skin irritations and diarrhoea. Why is this? There are many lifestyle factors working together to contribute to these allergic reactions, including over-vaccination and exposure to toxins, such as unnatural chemicals and processed foods, which over-stimulate and over-work the immune system.

We have found that cats fed a raw food diet and PET Plus are much less likely to suffer from allergies or any other problems. When anything the body regards as toxic is absorbed, the body does everything it can to remove the toxin. The liver is the main organ of detoxification; when this is overwhelmed, toxins are excreted through the mucous membranes lining the lungs and intestines, a process known as vicarious elimination. This damages the membrane allowing toxins in and body fluids out, contributing to the complex processes of allergic reactions.