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Can Dogs Eat

Can Dogs Eat Spicy Food?

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No animal would ever choose to eat spicy food. They have delicate, sensitive taste buds and an exquisite sense of smell.

A dog can sniff at a lamp post for ages, detecting the subtle differences in scent which reveal numerous stories and pieces of information which are completely missed by anyone who eats spicy foods. Spicy foods numb the senses. The nuances of the natural world of subtle messages delivered by scent and pheromones are a complete mystery to humans and the animals unfortunate enough to be fed the same nutrient deficient spicy foods.

Humans are the only creatures on the planet that voluntarily eat cooked and processed foods. Let that fact sink in for a minute. And sadly, we inflict our addictions on our pets. We add hotter and hotter spices to our foods to try to bring them back to life! Or maybe to bring us back to life by putting fire in our bellies in a vain attempt to wake us up from our bored slumber.

How Do Animals Fare On Spicy Food?

As badly as humans!  It’s interesting to see that as the range of human diseases and malfunctions increases and spirals out of control, as it is doing right now, so does the variety and complexity of diseases inflicted on the animals we control and ‘care’ for.

There is a direct parallel. And it all comes down to the food we eat, the toxins we drink, the filthy air we breathe and the rubbish we put in our brains. 

Humans are the only creatures on the planet that voluntarily eat cooked and processed foods. Let that fact sink in for a minute.

We And Our Animals Are Sick

We are physically, emotionally and spiritually under-nourished. We are sick and tired If we were to change all these inputs to clean organic chemical free natural raw food, drink (fresh spring water directly from a spring or stream), air and intellect, humans and our companions would not be struggling the way we are today. 

We would not be waiting for the next wonder drug or vaccine to alleviate our suffering. Because we would not be suffering! We would not be waiting for the next instruction from the profiteering drug companies to frighten us into thinking we are sick and dying,  ‘needing’ their next medication or polluted nano chip identification lethal ‘vaccine’.

We would not be sleep-walking into the next mass extinction at the behest of the bloated plutocrats who control us like puppets. We would be busy living and loving life with vigour and energy and a fully functional, intact immune system. There would be no chronic degenerative diseases. 

We would be enjoying our natural creativity and revelling in the bounteous generosity of the natural world that surrounds us. We would be naturally caring for each other and for the world around us with the love and sensitivity that comes naturally to healthy humans and animals.

Why Do We Add Spice To Food?

Humans are easily bored. We quickly tire of the same foods, repeatedly. Many ‘domesticated’ humans live to eat. Their lives are so easy and boring, so artificial and divorced from reality, their environment so polluted and grey, their energy levels so tragically low, they need to spice up their lives.

So they spice up their foods, to stimulate themselves and add a bit of the spice of life. A bit of vim and vigour! And they eat to stave off the boredom. It passes the time. It gives them something to do, as a change from watching junk on TV!

When forced to eat food that is not fresh, starving people around the world add spices to disguise the bad taste and maybe reduce the pathogenic bacterial load. In fact, the processed food industry can get away with using substandard ingredients by adding numerous chemicals and spices to give flavour to otherwise inedible foods!

A Culture Of Real Spice

In many cultures, spices are added to foods for natural medicinal purposes. The turmeric rich curries of Asia are a classic example of this way of practising herbal and Ayurvedic medicine to prevent diseases and maintain health. But they use these spices with subtlety and respect.

They don’t make their curries so spicy that they burn your mouth and intestines, destroying your taste buds and sense of smell! Native curries are a completely different thing from the Western attitude to curry!

But natural, indigenous people and wild animals have a completely different attitude to food. They eat to live, choosing simple, clean, nutritionally satisfying foods and only eating when they are actually hungry.

They may use herbs and spices to treat or prevent ailments, but not as a routine every day.

Wild Animals Also Use Herbs 

Wild animals will actively seek out herbs and spices when they intuitively know they need them. When offering herbs and spices to a natural, raw fed, clean animal, it is wise to offer them individually on a saucer, so intuitive choices can be made.

Animals know what they need better than we do! Give them the respect they deserve and allow them to choose. It’s a different matter when treating sick, processed food fed animals that have been treated with drugs and vaccinations and exposed to EMFs, dirty air, chemical filled water and violence or aggression. They need to be actively given natural remedies to bring them back to a state close to normality, then they are better able to choose.

What do horses, rabbits, sheep, cows, goats, llamas … naturally eat? Green vegetation, primarily grass, but also other surface dwelling plants. Do they analyse each piece before they eat it? To a degree, yes! They won’t eat grass growing in the area they use as their toilet, because the grass there is more bitter for a year or so after use.

But nevertheless, they eat mouthful after mouthful of grass. And in the wild, they would not be restricted to a small area and so would not come across grass they had urinated and defecated on recently!

Carnivores eat whatever they can catch and any carcasses they discover in their travels, except the cat family, who definitely prefer freshly killed herbivores for dinner!

And omnivores are opportunists and eat whatever they fancy when they are hungry and can find something nutritious.

Do not feed dogs spicy foods, as this can cause them considerable discomfort. If you want to destroy your own senses, that is your choice, but do not inflict the same damage on animals.