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Superior nutrition for all cats and dogs because prevention is better than cure!


Since founding the British Veterinary Dental Association in 1988 and teaching, writing and researching veterinary dentistry, Dr Susanna has developed a profound interest in the relationship between food and health in both people and animals.

Dr Susanna McIntyre BVSc MRCVS

Veterinary Dentistry

Susanna ran a veterinary dental referral service in South Wales for 20 years but has now retired from veterinary dental consulting and operating. Please visit the British Veterinary Dental Association website to find a veterinary dental specialist in your area. 

There is so much that can be done to help pets with dental problems! Broken or decayed teeth do not necessarily need to be extracted. They can be treated with vital pulpotomies, root canals and fillings, where appropriate.

Periodontal disease and chronic feline gingivostomatitis (FGS) can be prevented by proper nutrition which also plays a crucial role in the treatment of these unnecessary and debilitating conditions.

Dr. Susanna Studies Nutrition For People and Pets

During the last 25 years, learning about the irrefutable link between nutrition and health in both people and pets has completely changed Susanna's clinical approach.

She now follows naturopathic, holistic principles in all her treatments. Improving nutrition and hydration are the most important areas to address when treating anyone who's unwell. There is no condition that benefits from poor nutrition!

As a society, we are now so technologically advanced, we can find a drug to remove the symptoms of most disease processes, but we often neglect to find the underlying cause.

In our predominantly convenience based culture, poor nutritional status is nearly always one of the problems, as people rely so heavily on processed foods, both for themselves and their pets.

Milo and his best friend chilling while raw food is prepared. Just look at their eyes, watching in eager anticipation!

The quickest and easiest ways to rectify this are to add PET Plus to your pet's diet and Juice Plus to your own! You will then realise the power of nutrition and subconsciously start to make some positive changes.

Speaking Engagements

If you'd like Susanna to come and speak to your group, be it a dog or cat club, a group of people interested in their health or their pets' health, please contact her via the contact form.

Susanna thoroughly enjoys teaching her audience how to look after their health and that of their pets. She is passionate about nutrition and health, has a wicked sense of humour, bundles of energy and is a much sought after informative and entertaining speaker. She has lectured throughout the UK and Europe at medical, veterinary, dental and complementary health conferences as well as numerous other functions over the last 30 years.   Susanna never fails to educate and inspire her audience.

Speaking Engagement Topics

Susanna can be booked to give presentations on these and related topics:

  • Nutrition, health and the prevention of disease in pets and people
  • Lifestyle choices and their influence on health