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Interview with Dr Viktoras Kulvinskas

Animal pens for animals to the slaughter

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Interview with Dr Viktoras Kulvinskas in Costa Rica March 2023

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Interview with Dr Viktoras Kulvinskas

Astrazyme and other nutritional brilliance in PET Plus

I had the honour of working with Dr Viktoras Kulvinskas in Costa Rica in March 2023, helping him to write the sequel to his best selling ‘Survival in The 21st Century‘ which he wrote 50 years ago.

What a visionary!

Viktoras is an absolute mine of information, viewing things from a refreshingly original, logical, scientific, independent perspective. He describes in detail things that are only just coming to light now! So imagine the content of the updated version! It was a most educational 3 months. 

For example, with probiotics, we have all been duped into believing that products with the highest numbers of  probiotic microbes are best, when in reality, if you have a single probiotic microbe in a prebiotic rich gut environment, it will divide and multiply exponentially, so fast, that within 24 hours, there will be about a trillion probiotic microbes.

And a healthy gut microbiome will produce about 35 grams of readily absorbable protein daily.

Listen to this little interview for more gems!!