Why We Need Cool Forms

Thanks for visiting this page. We love to hear from you and encourage you to ask questions about your cat or dog's health via our Ask Suzi A Question form.

That's the good news. But here is some not so good news. Please know that we receive a lot of spam.

Spam is unwanted email from people who are trying to prevent us from working and make a living by scamming people they've never met. On a website, it's a constant fight against spam.

That's why we ask for precise details on each form and this helps tell the difference between you and someone who hasn't got the tiniest interest in the health of their cat or dog.

If you read the form you are completing carefully, you'll notice that we ask for each box on the form to filled out in a specific way. It's how we catch the spammers and throw their messages straight into the bin/trash!

So this is our plea to you. Please help us in the fight against spam and complete the forms as instructed to ensure your message reaches us.

Thank you!

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