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Superior nutrition for all cats and dogs because prevention is better than cure!

Customer Testimonials

We receive hundreds of testimonials. Here are a few for you to peruse! If you want to add yours, simply contact Dr Susanna and tell your story.

Herbie Has Cushings

Herbie was diagnosed with Cushing's disease. He was put on PET Plus and a raw diet, with liquidised greens. He is now healthy 20 kg - yippee! His blood results are getting better every time too.

Carole McCaffery

Chronic Colitis Sorted

My dog Harvey had been suffering with colitis. I have switched to giving the dogs filtered water and have been adding PET Plus to their meals. Now Harvey's poos are no longer covered in mucous!

Jean Handley

PET Plus To The Rescue

Hello and thanks so much for all the PET Plus which arrived safely a few days ago. The other rescues in the area are delighted to be getting some PET Plus so am going to take some to Ty Nant tomorrow.

Morwenna Holman

Thanks For All Your Advice

Thanksfor your email and advice. I'll definitely be purchasing PET Plus as I am sure from what you have said Dice will benefit. Also I appreciate the diet information.

Helen Saunders

I will Be Ordering Again

My 3 cats have been on PET Plus for two months. They all seem much happier with each other. Rosie has a lot more confidence. Thank you for your help. I will be re-ordering.

Annie Greenly

Both Dogs Doing Well

Both dogs have been doing really well. One of the dogs used to sick up bile every morning but in the last two months this has only happened once – and that was because I forgot to give her PET Plus!

Simon Reid

Excited About PET Plus

I am so happy someone mentioned you on a forum! I'm excited to start supplementing with PET Plus! I feel like humans need it too!

Linda Kelly

Excellent Supplement

PET Plus is an excellent supplement to a raw diet. I have Boxers and wouldn’t use anything else. Also a dear elderly cat who sadly is no more, did very well on it. Fantastic product.

Janet Corn

You Saved My Dog

Dr Susanna - your advice saved my German Shepherd dog Bruno from a horrible life with allergies. He is 10 and hasn’t been to vet in 4 years because he is fit and healthy and allergies have gone.

Anne Notman