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Customer Testimonials

Yorkshire Terriers On PET Plus

Last Updated : 16-Nov-2022

I breed Yorkshire Terriers and just had to give my feedback about PET Plus. I feed a raw meat diet and my dogs do extremely well on it. They are always keen at meal times, barking at me for their food. All but 2 of my dogs eat a complete raw meat diet and 2 of them will only eat stewing steak or casserole steak. I was worried they were not getting the right nutrients from raw meat alone.

My vet introduced me to PET Plus which I feed every day. I was truly amazed at the difference in just 2 weeks. They all have so much more energy! I have rescue dogs with disabilities, 2 with spinal damage and I have never seen them run until now. They all look and must feel much happier and visibly healthier.

I had a couple of questions, so I rang Dr Susanna and she couldn't have been more helpful. So if you have any doubts, don't have them! PET Plus is the best thing i have given my dogs since changing to a raw meat diet.

Tricia Bragg