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The End Of Sleepless Nights!

Last Updated : 13-Nov-2022

I have two English Setters who both have had many digestive problems for the last four years.I started to feed them raw mince (Prize Choice and Nature’s Menu) and I saw a vast improvement since switching to raw but unfortunately they both still have digestive flare ups from time to time (one more so than the other).

One dog is hypothyroid and soloxine hasn’t really agreed with him. He has had so many digestive problems since being on soloxine and his T4 doesn't ever seem to stabilise. It is very often over the limit which as you can imagine causes him very bad diarrhoea. I have, 3 months ago, switched him onto a natural desiccated thyroid and so far he is much better on this but it is still early days.

My other dog didn't take very well to her first vaccinations and I have been battling with digestive problems ever since. She swings from diarrhoea to constipation (mucus, blood, straining etc) is very often sick and seems to have a lot of stomach pains (lots of stretching and pacing around when she doesn't feel well).

Anyway, as I said, they are both much better on raw but not cured! I stumbled across PET Plus on the internet so hope it will help some more – I have spent many nights up with her in the last four years watching as she paces around feeling ill and wont settle, constantly wanting to go outside.

Both dogs seem to be doing well on the PET Plus and for the first time in as long as I can remember we have had a few uninterrupted night's sleep (what bliss). I wish I had found Pet Plus years ago - long may the sleep continue! Both dogs have been doing really well – I have transferred them onto the complete Natural Instinct range of dog food as well as keeping up with the PET Plus.

One of the dogs used to frequently sick up bile every morning at 4/5 am and I am pleased to say that in the last two months this has only happened once – because I forgot to mix the Pet Plus in with her food!

We truly have suffered for the last four years with my dogs digestive problems and feel so sorry that I didn't find out about PET Plus earlier.

Michelle Read