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Customer Questions

Question Tag: Raw Feeding

What Happened To My Cat's Ears

After just a few weeks on raw meat with PET Plus my cat's ear problem has cleared up.  What was going on and how did it get fixed so quickly?
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Kidney Stones, Ear Infections

My dog is on PET Plus but still has dry dog food. However, he has a yeast ear infection. Should I start him on a raw diet and if so, how?
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Can Cats Enjoy Raw Food?

My cats are unwell with arthritis and skin issues. I am trying to improve their diets to combat these illnesses but my cats do not like to eat raw food.
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My Dog Won't Eat Raw Meat

What is the alternative to raw meat?
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Need A High Energy Raw Diet

My dog is very energetic and I want to make sure I am feeding her raw in the best way possible. I am feeding her chicken but I am worried about the bones.
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