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Customer Questions

Question Tag: PET Plus Information

Can Dogs Absorb Flax Oil?

I understand, from extensive reading, that dogs can absorb, at most 15% of Flax Oil and should be given Krill Oil instead. Is this the case?
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Does PET Plus Contain GMOs?

My cat seems to have developed an extreme intolerance to anything that contains genetically modified organisms. Is PET Plus GMO-free?
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Does PET Plus Contain Garlic?

Does PET Plus still contain garlic?
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What Will Be On My Credit Card

When I get your bill for PET Plus on my credit card statement, what will the vendor name be?
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Can PET Plus Be Frozen?

As I won't be using all the PET Plus that I have, could I freeze it to preserve it?
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Open PET Plus - Long Lasting?

Once a pot of PET Plus has been opened, how long should it last before it goes off? Or, as it is a powder, does it remain viable indefinitely?
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Need Vitamins With Raw Food?

Do I need to feed vitamin supplements when feeding my pets raw?
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PET Plus And Hawthorn Tincture

Is it OK for a dog with kidney and liver issues to take PET Plus alongside hawthorne tincture?
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Two Versions Of PET Plus?

Is PET Plus for dogs the same as PET Plus for cats?
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Can Pets Have Juice Plus?

I know some people give Juice Plus to their dogs. How safe is this and should it be done?
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Probiotics After Antibiotics?

My dog was stung by bees and then the wound became infected. She was given antibiotics. Should I now give her probiotics?
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PET Plus And Antibiotics

What can I give my cat after antibiotics?
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Can PET Plus Be Taken Daily?

Can PET Plus be taken for years or is it something that should only be taken for a short time?
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