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Customer Questions

Question Tag: Kidney Liver Pancreas Diseases

Dog With Chronic Hepatitis

Which supplements should I feed a dog who has been diagnosed with chronic hepatitis and who also has canine chronic ulcerative stomatitis?
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My Dog Has Pancreatitis

My dog has pancreatitis and she is not eating well. What can I do to help her. She has been prescribed a lot of drugs.
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My Cat Has A Kidney Problem

Our vet is going the conventional route in treating kidney disease on our cat. Should I start feeding raw food?
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Liver Problems In Male Cat

My cat's liver enzymes are low and the creatinine in his kidneys was very high at the last test. Can I give him PET Plus fro dogs?
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Raw Fed - But Has Pancreatitis

My dog, was diagnosed with pancreatitis. He is raw fed and has been having PET Plus for 4 years, once a day. Am I giving him enough PET Plus?
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Cocker Spaniel With Hepatitis

My dog has hepatitis and is losing weight. Can you advise? If I start on PET Plus do I have to do anything else?
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PET Plus And Kidney Disease

Is it OK to give PET Plus to a dog with kidney disease? I also don't know what to feed her for the best outcome.
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