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Our Founders & PET Plus' Journey

Welcome! Curious about what drives our product or who's at the helm? You're just a click away from discovering the story behind PET Plus and the founder who made it all happen.

Barks, Purrs, and Milestones: Pet Plus' Six-Part Tale

Discover the story behind PET Plus

From rethinking a dog’s dental treatment to exploring the broad effects of nutrition on pet health, Dr. Susanna’s experiences have shaped PET Plus into more than just a supplement. It represents a holistic approach to pet care, combining optimal nutrition with natural wellness practices. Join us in exploring how Dr. Susanna’s unique perspective is changing the way we care for our pets

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PET Plus Product

All about PET Plus

Curious about what goes into PET Plus and why your furry friend needs it? We’re constantly refining our formula to stay on top of the latest in pet nutrition, making PET Plus a top-tier vegan superfood supplement for cats and dogs. But it’s more than just an upgrade to their diet. Dive in to discover how our carefully balanced ingredients fill the gap in modern pet diets, ensuring your pet isn’t missing out on vital nutrients for a healthier, happier life.

all about pet plus

About Dr. Susanna

The story behind our founder

Meet Suzi, the passionate force behind PET Plus. With a blend of veterinary expertise and a deep understanding of pet nutrition, she’s not just the creator of a revolutionary product; she’s a guide to enhancing your pet’s health and happiness. Discover how her unique approach can transform the way you care for your furry family members. Ready for a deeper dive? Click to unravel the story and wisdom of the woman who’s redefining pet wellness

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