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PET Plus Is Temporarily Out Of stock

Due to the chaos caused by the pandemic, it has taken 12 months to produce the next batch of Pet Plus, a process that normally takes 3 months.

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I am sorry that we are out of stock. As soon as the situation is resolved we'll let you know.   You can sign up for the newsletter here

Temporary Replacement Products

I have researched temporary replacements, none of which contain everything we have in Pet Plus, but they will support your pet during the next few weeks while we await the arrival of the new batch.

If searching for replacements yourself, please check the ingredients list and ensure there is no onion and matcha tea powder as this has way too much caffeine. Be careful!

1 - Nature's Living Superfood

This is a powder for humans, so I'd suggest you buy the smallest container and start with the following daily amounts: 

Cats And Small Dogs

1/8 teaspoonful for a cat or a small dog. After the first week, you could increase the amount to 1/4 teaspoonful.

Medium And Large Dogs

1/4 teaspoonful for medium and large dogs. After the first week, you could increase the amount to 1/4 teaspoonful.  After the second week, for large dogs, you could increase to 1 teaspoonful per day.
If you see any side effects (which is unlikely), stop using it immediately and take it yourself! It's brilliant for humans!

2 - Missing Link for Dogs/Cats

Missing Link is another option.  But they have chosen to divide the beneficial ingredients between a range of products rather than having one supplement with everything in it.  So have a look and take your pick.  

The benefit is that all the ingredients are safe for dogs and cats, as it is designed for them. 

And Lastly ...

My profuse apologies for this unprecedented situation. I am here to support you so if you have any queries, please contact me.
Dr Susanna McIntyre
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