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Reader Questions

Spanish Cat With Miliary Dermatitis

Last Updated : 13-Nov-2022

I live in Spain. Do you deliver PET Plus to Spain? My cat had Miliary Dermatitis. What can I apply to her skin? I am looking at possible causes, but it seems there are many. They are inside cats at the moment, so I don’t think they have fleas?!? Although I read that just one bite can cause a reaction.

I have two cats and the other one is fine. I feed them Feringa wet food only. I would like to do a raw diet, but I would need to buy and make the raw mix myself as I don’t think there are any companies doing that here.

PET Plus Vet Reader : Juliet

Dr Susanna's Response

Thanks for your enquiry. Yes we deliver to Spain and all over the world in fact. There’s a lot of information about this irritating skin condition  that tells you everything. Feeding raw is definitely the best thing to do. Without doubt. Best way is to buy wild rabbits (or the equivalent) which are shot cleanly. Find the shot and remove it. Put the whole rabbit through the mincer so you get the right balance of meat, bone, organs … delicious for the cats.

Pretty vile for us to have to do it! Or chat up a nice butcher with an old fashioned mincer … they love doing specials for customers. And filter the water so there are no chemicals. And avoid chemical flea sprays, wormers etc … use Verm-X.

Turn off all electrical kit when not in use, especially WiFi and mobile phones. And if you have a smart meter, smash it with a sledge hammer! They irradiate you all terribly and continuously.