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Reader Questions

Raw Fed – But Has Pancreatitis

Last Updated : 13-Nov-2022

My dog, a Jack Russell, Border Terrier Cross, was recently diagnosed pancreatitis. He is raw fed and has been having PET Plus for 4 years, once a day.

Since diagnosis 5 months ago he hasn’t tolerated anything apart from cooked white fish and rabbit. Otherwise he is only on PET Plus and Slippery Elm. My question is how many times should I be giving him PET Plus each day? And is that enough to help treat pancreatitis.

Has lost weight but is OK in himself although he does get tired after long runs. Any advice on how to support him with his condition would be fantastic.

PET Plus Vet Reader : Pilar

Dr Susanna's Response

It’s unusual for a raw fed dog to get pancreatitis, so I’m curious to know what else happened when this started. Vaccination? Emotional upset? Chemical wormers or flea treatments? Smart meter? 5G? New internet modem? WiFi? Chemicals in water?

My advice is to feed PET Plus with every meal. This will help him to digest the food. I imagine you’ve tried the white fish and the wild rabbit raw or as raw as possible … and it upset his tummy. How is he with raw organic eggs? They’re normally really easy to digest and are a fabulous source of nutrients.

I would feed him homemade raw vegan food. Dried fruit such as apples or bananas (do not feed raisins or currents) is superbly calorie dense! But don’t feed this at the same time as anything protein (or fat) rich. And give him some vegetable stalks to chew afterwards to clean his teeth! Definitely not dairy, but if he’s good with raw eggs, use those too.

I have just been adopted by a cat (he arrived one day, having walked many miles … aged about 6 months) and I make us both raw vegan food which he loves! I also give him eggs from the local farmers here in Colombia, where the chickens roam around the forest …

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