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Reader Questions

PET Plus And Hawthorn Tincture?

Last Updated : 13-Nov-2022

Holly in the past has had kidney and liver issues, with liver values at 268, and kidney values of 13.8. After a switch from kibble to raw, her values dropped to 40 for liver, and 9.8 for kidneys. But at her last check-up she was diagnosed with grade 1, heart murmur, but not in need of meds.

Her mobility is not great, which limits her exercise, which in turn is not good for heart health. Will your PET Plus supplement help her with mobility? And I have started her on hawthorn tincture, alcohol free for heart health.

If she starts on PET Plus can she still take hawthorne tincture? There is no holistic vet in my city, so it's hard to get alternative or nutritional advice, especially as she is now raw fed ...

She gets sprats, twice a week. Should I increase these to three times per week?

PET Plus Vet Reader : Martina

Dr Susanna's Response

Thanks for your question. Isn't it wonderful to see how the body repairs and recovers on proper raw food? Really well done for making that great positive change. It's so important! A grade 1 murmur is nothing serious. It's almost like they have to find something wrong ... and maybe they heard a little, slightly different sound in her heart.

But the way her liver and kidney responded to raw food shows it's the best for her. You can give her sprats as much as you like. And raw egg. And raw meat and bone and offal, just like she would eat in the wild. Hawthorn is a great idea.  And yes, PET Plus can be given with everything! It will give her body the nutrients it needs to heal itself. So yes, mobility is likely to improve (hundreds of other dogs on PET Plus have enjoyed exactly this ...).

Clean water is essential (filtered tap water is fine but not unfiltered (chemical) tap water!) Turn off WiFi, mobile phones cordless phones and all electrical appliances at the wall when not in use. If you have a smart meter get it removed ASAP. And massage her all over to help her joints and her whole body. She'll love it! I hope that helps! Please feel free to ask more questions if you like.