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Reader Questions

My Dog Has Periodontal Disease

Last Updated : 16-Nov-2022

I am hoping for some help and guidance. I live in the US, and I think my dog of 7 years has periodontal disease, I noticed one of her teeth was loose. She hasn’t been vaccinated for the past 3 years and I do not want to vaccinate her. Do you know if veterinary dentists accept dogs to be treated without having vaccinations?

PET Plus Vet Reader : Karina

Dr Susanna's Response

The first thing to do is to see what you can do yourself. You need to clean her teeth and mouth, change her diet to 100% raw, add PET Plus to her food (the enzymes, antioxidants etc make a huge difference to oral health), filter her water, remove all EMF exposure, remove all chemicals from her life (vaccinations, chemical wormers and flea treatments), as explained elsewhere on my website.

To clean her teeth, you can use a toothbrush and water. Any hard stuff (calculus, mineralised plaque) you can flick off with your thumb nail by putting your thumb nail between the edge of the gum and the brown calculus that’s stuck on her teeth and flick it off. Don’t be alarmed by the sound it makes! You may need to do one tooth at a time, but if she’s sweet and patient, you might be able to clean the calculus off all her teeth in one sitting.

The loose tooth might be too painful to clean like this, but give it a try. You can also use a electric water pick to flush the debris out from under the gum. Use warm water and keep her head tilted down, so she doesn’t swallow or inhale the water. If you can be sure she will spit it out, add some sea salt to the water to help reduce the infection.

Periodontal disease is reversible, but without seeing your specific situation, I couldn’t say what you can expect.  If you really can’t do it yourself, there is an association of naturopathic vets in USA.