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Reader Questions

My Cat Has A Kidney Problem

Last Updated : 13-Nov-2022

My sister’s cat has kidney problem and her vet is going the conventional route of that highly processed kidney food and medicine.  Please, please could you send me some holistic advice for diet and supplements that will actually help the poor cat ?

The last cat I had with kidney problems was also on that processed food.  As a result of speaking to you I went onto raw and despite being given three months to live he survived in good health for another two and three quarter years.  He died aged about 20 of heart failure with improved kidney function which threw the vet completely!

Thank you very much indeed.

PET Plus Vet Reader : Carole

Dr Susanna's Response

OK. You know exactly how to feed and treat these kidney cats!

  1. It’s the quality of protein that matters, not the quantity. Worst thing is those commercial ‘renal diets’, starving the carnivore of the protein it needs and so making the whole thing worse. Best quality is raw of course.So the usual … raw meat and bone, offal, tripe, fish and organ meats. If she could manage it, a vegan source is best … what? Shock! Horror! So like chia porridge, mixed with Pet Plus … they love it! A kitten has just adopted me, as they do … and is loving being a raw food vegan! So he has been eating raw cashew nuts, activated (soaked etc.) almonds, pecans and walnuts, activated sunflower seeds, fresh pumpkin seeds.He even devoured a cucumber when I was cutting it up to juice yesterday! I make the chia porridge with nut milk (blended soaked, activated, rinsed nuts in chemical-free water), chia seeds and PET Plus. I’m going to experiment with making PET Plus biscuits for him! That’ll be blended red pepper, a little garlic, a splash of soya sauce (Tamari), a squeeze of lemon juice then in a bowl, mix in sunflower seeds (activated of course …), chia seeds and flax seeds … and for him, PET Plus … and for me, maybe some onion.It thickens to a paste in about 15 minutes. Then spread on dehydrator sheets and dry for a few days at 40 degrees C or less. He loves the ones I make for me, without onion of course. So this next batch with PET Plus will be even better!
  2. Excellent supplement, like PET Plus
  3. Clean, chemical free water … essential … an absolute must for all the family. The kidneys have the job of “filtering the water” so to speak. So if there are chemicals and pollutants in the water you drink, the kidneys have a lot of hard work to do. So buy a filter instead of destroying your kidneys!
  4. no chemicals in the environment at all
  5. no vaccinations
  6. switch off all electrical devices at the wall, to reduce the electromagnetic frequency (EMF) pollution. Turn off all WiFi and cell phones whenever not in use. Turn off the WiFi internet router whenever not actually in use. Make sure the cat does not sleep anywhere near it. If they have a smart meter, remove it (sledge hammer works well!) because it will be irradiating you every few seconds as it constantly send information to its master.
  7. Massage and love … we all have healing hands, so love that cat, stroke him lovingly with the intention of healing him. And your loving energy will flow through your hands and heal him.

You know all this! Have you any other thoughts? I was considering aloe vera too. But maybe that’d be overload.I hope this helps.