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Reader Questions

Maine Coon With Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Last Updated : 16-Nov-2022

I have a beautiful 2 year old year old Maine Coon male cat who has been diagnosed with IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease). It is a chronic condition, but he is starting to recover from this difficult period. Would PET Plus be good for him?

He is under the care of the vet, and is having to start a series of steroids / anti-inflammatory capsules of one a day. I am not certain yet of the length of time. Do you think I should continue with this treatment and slowly wean him off of it?  And when should I begin a raw food diet?   At the moment he has been on the Royal Canin Sensitivity diet since November. He seemed to be doing great and then had his attack of IBD at the beginning of April, then a biopsy and is now recuperating.

PET Plus Vet Reader : Steven

Dr Susanna's Response

Certainly PET Plus provides the nutrients required for the body to heal itself. The PET Plus ingredients also nourish and reinforce the gut flora as well as providing numerous digestive enzymes which help with the whole digestive process.

You could also give him a raw food diet which would give him additional help. His body wouldn’t have to deal with all the toxins in processed food.  The sooner you get him onto raw foods the better. His body will be able to digest them so much more easily than anything that has been cooked and processed as the nutrients will be in their natural form which the body was designed to recognise and deal with.

It is amazing how much the molecules are changed by processing. Just think of an egg. What does it look like raw? The transparent albumen is a fluid, but when cooked it becomes a white solid. Imagine the changes that have had to go on for that to happen. So how on earth does the body’s digestive system deal with something that is so different from its natural state? With great difficulty and use of numerous precious resources. I could go on, but basically, stick to what nature provides as closely as possible! See how they respond and you may well find you can reduce the medication quite soon.