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Reader Questions

Is It Possible To Freeze PET Plus?

Last Updated : 13-Nov-2022

I buy PET Plus for my cat. I wondered if it is possible to freeze the PET Plus powder? The reason I ask is that I may not use it all in four months.

PET Plus Vet Reader : Fran

Dr Susanna's Response

Freezing is an excellent way of storing PET Plus powder once the pot has been opened. It preserves its vitality and all the nutrients and micronutrients. The sealed, unopened pot can be stored for many years as long as it is kept cool and dry.

Once opened, you can put the powder you want to freeze in an airtight, freezer-proof container.  The original PET Plus container will not be airtight once the seal has been broken.  You can make it airtight by laying a sheet of plastic or a plastic bag  over the open pot and screwing the lid down tightly over the top. Or put the opened pot in a sealed freezer bag, sucking the air out of the bag just before sealing it.

Freezing has been shown to preserve vitality and is used in numerous situations. For example, cows are inseminated with semen that is stored in liquid nitrogen at minus 196 degrees centigrade from the moment it is taken from the bull. There are records showing that cows inseminated with sperm taken from a bull in 1950 produced perfect calves 50 years later! During IVF treatments, fertilised eggs can be frozen and stored for many years.

The main challenge with freezing living cells is that the water inside the cells expands on freezing and ruptures the cell membrane. So prior to freezing, the sperm are incubated with antifreeze which displaces the water from the cell. This prevents cell damage on freezing.

PET Plus powder has been carefully dried, so there is no problem of cell rupture on freezing.  In fact, drying the ingredients in PET Plus effectively stops all cellular activity, so as long as the powder is kept cool and dry, it lasts forever! In reality, there is no expiry date! All the ingredients are kept in a state of suspended animation, awaiting activation by exposure to liquid. This is achieved by mixing with food or on entering the mouth and digestive system of your furry or feathered friend.