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Reader Questions

Hungry Ginger Cat

Last Updated : 15-Nov-2022

My cat Ginger can’t stop eating at the moment. This is not like him. Been like this for a few weeks. He’s not particularly putting on weight – I don’t think. So I’m thinking it might be worms?

I’ve tried Serendipity – 4 seasons intestinal hygiene control drops, but they don’t seem to have helped. I’ve just ordered a bag of diatomaceous earth (as per your article on fleas). How much, how often and how should I give it to Ginger?

PET Plus Vet Reader : Ruth

Dr Susanna's Response

I have several suggestions!

  1. Feed raw food so he is getting all the nutrients from his food.
  2. Add PET Plus to everything he eats. There is no upper limit, so 1/4 teaspoon with every meal would be great.
  3. Make sure he has plenty of fresh, filtered water available all the time (not just tap water as the chemicals in that are noxious!)

What happened 2 weeks ago, just before this started? Vaccination? Drugs? Smart meter? WiFi 5G or 4Gplus? Changed food? New neighbours or carpet or anything? Does he have diarrhoea? Is his tummy gurgling? How is he in himself?

For worms, I use Verm-X biscuits every day. Cats and dogs love them! Diatomaceous Earth for fleas if they are on the skin … have you seen fleas? For worms, mix 1/2 tsp with water and he might just lap it up. Does that help? I look forward to your reply.

I encourage you to feed raw. Buy minced meat and bone from pet shop. Nature’s menu is stocked by Pets At Home, for example. Cats normally eat 150 to 250g a day depending on age and weight. Yes, many articles on website. Here is a link to Verm-X.