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Reader Questions

Does PET Plus Contain GMOs?

Last Updated : 16-Nov-2022

My cat seems to have developed an extreme intolerance to anything that contains GMOs (genetically modified organisms), and also to anything that ate GMO food (for example GMO corn- or soy-fed meats).

For this reason I have switched his diet to 50% raw organic chicken, which helps, but doesn't give him all the nutrients he needs. The other half of his diet consists of grain-free wet canned can food. I would like to switch him over to 100% organic and raw, and if possible use your product to complete his nutritional requirements. Does PET Plus contain any GMOs or GMO-fed ingredients? If so, what percentage of the total ingredients do the GMOs account for?

PET Plus Vet Reader : Marion

Dr Susanna's Response

I wish the world were GMO free. It's a terrible blight on nature. I wouldn't touch anything GMO myself either. Sensible cat!  There is nothing GMO or GMO-fed in PET Plus. I wouldn't think of using anything genetically modified. I am completely against the idea of it. .