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Reader Questions

Can PET Plus Help Leishmaniasis?

Last Updated : 13-Nov-2022

I started to use PET Plus for my dog with allergies and now one by one I've started to give it to all my dogs. I also give PET Plus to my foster dogs when they arrive until they leave for their forever homes.

My latest foster has Leishmaniasis and stage 4 kidney failure. He is being treated with veterinary medicines. I am giving him vitamins and plant medicines too. I want to know if PET Plus will be suitable for him?

PET Plus Vet Reader : Rebecca

Dr Susanna's Response

Leishmaniasis is a horrible disease isn’t it?  It’s difficult to treat with normal medications. So you are exactly right to be using herbal medicines too. The main thing is to boost his immune system so his white blood cells can kill this protozoal parasite.  Also it's important to provide all the nutrients and micronutrients the body needs to repair the damage.  So yes, PET Plus would be an excellent addition to his diet.