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Reader Questions

A Cat With Hyperthyroidism

Last Updated : 13-Nov-2022

My cat was recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and is currently on 5mg daily to treat it. She has also lost a third of her weight. I have since switched to a more meat based diet which consists of boiled chicken, raw beef, white fish once a week and the occasional pouch of Royal Canin Sensitivity Control.

She is fed four times a day (7am sometimes earlier, 12pm, 5pm and 10pm) her weight has appears to have stabilised somewhat. What else could I potentially do along with possibly purchasing your product?

PET Plus Vet Reader : Kyle

Dr Susanna's Response

Thanks for your enquiry. So I think your question is how to help your hyperthyroid cat gain weight. Great news that you’ve changed her diet to mostly raw meat and bone. Don’t cook anything. All cooking does is destroy the nutrients and make it more difficult for your cat to access and digest the food.

Raw meat, bone, offal and organ meats are best. You could also give her some coconut oil, raw egg yolk, chia porridge (chia seeds mixed with water or, for more calories, nut milk. This takes about 15 minutes to thicken up as they absorb the water / milk).

PET Plus supplies numerous essential micronutrients as well as those all important enzymes. These will help her to get much more nutrition and calorific value out of her food, so she can gain weight more rapidly and healthily.

Make sure she has clean, filtered, chemical-free water available at all times. Don’t use any chemicals on her, in her or around her, so use natural household stuff, natural herbal wormers (like VermX) etc. Do not vaccinate her. Avoid exposure to EMFs by turning off WiFi, mobile phones, cordless phones and all electrical equipment at the wall when not actually in use. Let me know if you’d like more help.