How To Make Raw Pet Food

I’m Suzi McIntyre, a vet with over 35 year’s experience. I have realized that feeding a natural raw pet food diet is the best way to keep your pets healthy. You can choose to feed raw pet food!

This is the way I have been feeding my dogs and cats since 1996. Remember that what we are trying to do is emulate what they would naturally eat in the wild. So for dogs and cats, that’s mice, rabbits, fish, eggs and so on.

So we can give them raw meat, raw bone, raw offal, raw liquidized greens and Pet Plus which together provide those same nutrients and micronutrients.

Do Pets Actually Like Raw Pet Food?

Your dogs and cats will be very excited about eating real food, so if you started with a whole carcase, they may well try to gobble it down without chewing, which could cause problems.

Minced Meat And Bone

Therefore I always recommend starting with minced meat and bone mixes. You can buy frozen raw minced meat and bone, like Prize Choice, from the pet shop, or order online. Let it thaw naturally, in a bowl, overnight. Do not use microwaves as they completely denature food and make it virtually indigestible!

Liquidised Greens

Liquidize or pulverize some green vegetables and mix with the raw meat and bone mince. Dogs do well on about half and half liquidized greens to meat and bone mince.

Cats need barely a teaspoon of greens mixed with their meat and bone mince.

A High Quality Supplement

I have created a powdered whole food supplement called Pet Plus to add to this mixture providing all the micronutrients your dog or cat would get from eating the whole animals, guts and all!

Pet Chews

Dogs usually love to chew carrots, broccoli stalks and other tough vegetables. Cats often enjoy chewing melon skins. You can give them meaty chunks to gnaw too, but remember that if there is no bone in the meaty chunks, use in addition to the minced meat and bone mixes.

After about a month, you could start offering raw chicken wings for them to chew. The next week, you could give raw meaty chicken drumsticks to dogs and big cats.

Then, when they’re used to all that, you can give them raw chicken carcasses too. Always remember to add Pet Plus to make sure they’re getting all those vital antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, probiotics, probiotics and enzymes

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2 comments on “How To Make Raw Pet Food”

  1. From what you say here the meat you feed is pet mince including bone.But I have had two recent incidents when the pieces of bone were much too big for a cat to swallow safely so have changed to minced meat from supermarkets. That,of course doesn't have bone in it and I worry that Pet Plus doesn't either.

    1. Thanks for your query. It is absolutely essential to feed bone as well! Feeding just minced meat can lead to osteoporosis amongst other things. The stomach of carnivores is beautifully designed to deal with bone in relatively large pieces as the acidity is such that the bone is virtually dissolved. So if you're feeding all raw, the stomach will deal with any bits of bone. If these bits of bone were in the minced meat and bone, I would be very surprised if the cat couldn't swallow them. Any animal would simply spit out what it couldn't swallow. In 20 years of feeding raw, I have only had one dear old cat get a little piece of bone stuck between his teeth. It was simple to flick it out. The minces these days seem to be much better minced. I haven't seen a shard of bone in minced meat and bone for many many years. I use Nutriment most of the time. I also feed wild rabbit and organic chicken carcasses, giving the ribcage and small meaty bones to the cats.
      It is also wise to feed offal twice a week, or you can buy minces comprising minced meat and bone and offal altogether in each meal in the proportions that would be found by eating a whole mouse, for example. I also recommend feeding whole raw sprats when they're in season too. Most cats love them!
      There is no bone in Pet Plus because the only 'safe' source would be sterilized bone meal which I would not use ever. Being sterilized, it has been cooked so all its enzymes are destroyed rendering it totally indigestible.
      There are loads of readily available minerals in the Pet Plus, but probably not enough to rebalance an imbalanced diet of phosphate rich meat with no mineral rich bone. So a mix of meat and bone is essential!
      I hope that helps you.

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