Raw Food Diet For Dogs And Cats

In line with the human medical profession, those of us caring for pets are working towards the prevention of disease, largely through a more natural raw food diet.

How Can Raw A Raw Food Diet Help My Pet?

In the human field, there is an enormous amount of evidence to show that the more raw food included in the diet, the less disease is suffered, particularly cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, skin disease, gum disease, dental and digestive problems.

All animals (including people!) evolved to function on raw food. There were no cookers or fires at that time, and certainly no tin-openers!

The basic energy currency for the body is enzymes, which are only present in raw food. They are destroyed by heat and most other forms of food processing.

In the wild, dogs and cats would eat herbivores, like rabbits, birds and fish, so they would be consuming raw meat, bones, offal and the guts.

This combination is important because:

  • Raw meat and bone together provide the right balance of minerals, especially calcium and phosphorous, in a form available to the body as it has not been damaged by processing.
  • The guts contain well-chewed partially digested grass and vegetation, full of probiotics and their supporting prebiotics, antioxidants, enzymes, minerals and vitamins – a highly nutritious raw grass soup!

They also eat eggs, bark, herbs, roots, soil, ripe fruit, droppings and insects. Fresh, chemical-free water, preferably running in a stream, is what they choose to drink, not chemical-rich tap water! So filter your tap water or use bottled!

How To Get Raw Food For Your Pet?

You can order excellent quality frozen minced meat, bone (and vegetable) mix from Prize Choice, Natural Instinct and Honeys Real Dog Food

Most large pet shops sell packets of frozen minced raw meat and bone mixtures e.g. Prize Choice. Frozen food should be allowed to defrost at room temperature in a bowl, to preserve its enzyme activity. Do not microwave!

Dogs and cats also need raw green leafy vegetables (liquidized or pulverised) mixed with the meat in equal volumes for dogs and a teaspoonful for cats. Raw fruit snacks can be given between meals (but not grapes). Cats love raw fresh sprats fed whole once or twice a week. Dogs & cats also benefit from offal (heart, liver, tripe) fed raw once a week.

Pet Plus for Cats and Dogs is a powdered civilized version of the ‘grass soup’.

When mixed in with their food every day, it provides plenty of phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes. This beautifully complements the natural raw food diet that dogs and cats are designed to eat. If you are feeding a processed food diet, this powdered raw food concentrate is essential to help the body to digest, absorb and utilize it as well as providing thousands of valuable nutrients, which work synergystically.

Raw Food And Raw Bones Are Good For Your Pet

Chewing raw meaty bones (like chicken wings and drumsticks, RAW) and raw fibrous vegetables (like broccoli stalks and carrots) as well helps to clean the teeth and provides entertainment and satisfaction.

Cooked bones are not given because they splinter and are indigestible causing constipation and obstruction.

The important points of a natural diet are raw meaty bones, raw pulverized green leafy vegetables, probiotics, enzymes, lots of variety and fresh, chemical-free water (bottled or filtered tap water or rain water).

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2 comments on “Raw Food Diet For Dogs And Cats”

    1. The essential fats are omega 3 and 6. I have supplied those as flax for omega 3 and safflower petals for omega 6 in the Pet Plus.
      Olive oil has too much omega 9 in it which is fine for Mediterranean people, but not so useful for cats and dogs.
      Mayonnaise is full of dairy and all sorts of rubbish, so is not fir for any animal or human to eat, really.
      Butter is a saturated animal fat and would never be eaten in the wild by any animal, so is completely unsuitable as any part of anyone's diet, whichever species you are! However, butter is much less harmful than margarine, which is absolutely dreadful stuff and wreaks havoc in all bodies, so must be avoided at all costs.

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