Juice Plus For Dogs And Juice Plus For Cats

Pet Plus (for cats and dogs) was originally made by the brilliant company that makes Juice Plus for humans. The products used to be called

  • Juice Plus for Dogs and
  • Juice Plus for Cats.

They have stopped making the Juice Plus for pets so they can focus on the human version, which the humans in our family have been taking since 1993! It's brilliant. You can find more on this by visiting my Juice Plus web site.

As a naturopathic, holistic veterinary surgeon, I really valued the enormous benefits Juice Plus for Dogs and Cats brought to all the dogs and cats I treated. So I decided to manufacture it myself. I renamed it Pet Plus for Dogs and Pet Plus for Cats in 1997 when I first brought it to Europe.

Fantastic Health Improvements

In 1996-7 Max Tuck and I ran a Pilot Study to explore the effects of Pet Plus on cats and dogs with periodontal disease. We were staggered by the results.

Even those poor cats with Chronic Feline Stomatitis and Gingivitis Complex gradually returned to normal, without the barbaric extraction of their teeth. Since then, numerous veterinary practices, pet health food shops and individuals have been telling me of the excellent results they are seeing with dogs and cats on Pet Plus.

You Are What You Eat

Good nutrition is the foundation of good health. How can we expect our pets to be healthy when we feed them the same old biscuits or the same old tinned meat every day? Would we feed our children like that? Would we eat that kind of food ourselves, every single day? Of course not!

All the nutrients are destroyed in the processing of these foods so as time goes on, your poor old pet gradually deteriorates. Adding Pet Plus to their food puts all the essential, delicate nutrients back, enabling your pet to digest their food and maintain youthful health and vitality.

Better still, feed the food carnivores like dogs and cats are designed to eat! Have a think about what they would eat in the wild. Whole, fresh herbivores, like mice and rabbits.

They eat the meat, bone, fur, guts, organs, toe nails....the whole lot! We can come close to providing the same nutritional value as their wild diet by feeding raw meat and bone, liquidized greens and Pet Plus, which supplies the nutrients and probiotics they would otherwise gain from eating the herbivore's guts.

Pet Plus

I am committed to providing the very best nutritional support for our dogs and cats in Pet Plus! As the benefits of other fabulous, important, natural whole food nutrients are discovered, I am constantly updating the ingredients and improving the formulation, thus ensuring Pet Plus is always the very best!

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42 comments on “Juice Plus For Dogs And Juice Plus For Cats”

  1. I am a Juice Plus Distributor and am confused about why Juice Plus for Dogs / Cats (now Pet Plus for Dogs and Cats) isn't on my virtual website. Please could you explain?

    1. Hi Jackie,
      Thanks for your enquiry (which I have taken the liberty of editing for clarity) and sorry for your confusion.
      I guess you didn't have time to read the first couple of sentences in the article which explain that NSA, the company that makes Juice Plus for humans, decided to stop making the pet product so they could focus on humans. As I was by far the biggest user of it, they were happy for me to take it on. So it has not been anything to do with NSA for over a decade.
      I hope that helps you to understand the situation.

  2. Hi , I take Juice plus and was looking for something to add to my home cooked meals for my Cushing / diabetic 17 lb poodle . Would this be ok gmfor him? He’s on insulin and trilostane . Thanks for any info .

  3. Hi Susanna, thanks so much for your reply and suggestions! I tried both the Aloe Vera and the Turmeric and she won't touch them. πŸ™ I am interested in the Pet Plus and I know you say it's wonderful... but will it help my baby with her joint pain... do you normally see that this does happen with peoples pets???? Because if not, if Pet Plus isn't enough to help her with her arthritic inflammation and pain, then I need to get something else that will! I googled natural joint supplement for cats today and found VETiONX...their Arthro-ionx... have you heard of this? It sounds really good and natural! The website is https://www.vetionx.com/arthro-ionx/
    I'm desperate to get my baby some help!!! Thank you, Valorie

    1. Thanks for your comments. I have seen numerous pets with aching joints recover on the Pet Plus but I cannot say anything that could be taken as a 'health claim' or the pharmaceutical companies will try to crush me. Whenever you improve the quality of the food / supplementation you are taking or giving to your pet, the body will respond by improving the quality of the components of the body, a process known as healing.
      I wouldn't continue making the Pet Plus if it didn't help!!!
      I hope that helps.

  4. I actually have an aloe vera plant in my backyard. So how much of it would I give her each day if I can get her to lick it up?? Tumeric is a good idea as well... I will try both of these... Thank you SO much!

  5. Susanna, hi, I'm a Juice Plus Rep as well and VERY HAPPY to see that you have reformulated (made better) Juice Plus for Cats!!! My cats always loved Juice Plus for cats. Actually, I'm still giving it to them, it's some another Rep gave to me, but I'm on my last little bit and I'm not sure it's even effective anymore because it's old... I know they stopped making it years ago! And I wanted to ask your opinion on a Joint Supplement for Cats that actually works and that cats like!? Or do you think the Pets Plus (because you've added things) is sufficient?? I have tried so many different joint supplements in different forms too, and nothing works or my 12 yr old cat likes it for a couple weeks and then suddenly won't touch it, as if to let me know it's bothering her stomach or something. I don't know how else she can go from absolutely loving something to not touching it! πŸ™ She's had Arthritis in one of her elbows for years and it's not for a lack of trying to help her. πŸ™ She's about 12 yrs old and weighs about 13-14 pounds. I know she's overweight, but that's not for a lack of trying either. I've tried many different foods trying to get the weight off her and nothing works. She's an indoor cat only, spayed and not real active because she's hurting and she's overweight, but she honestly doesn't eat that much and she eats only a Holistic, Healthy dry food... no wet food or treats or people food. The only treats I give them (I have another cat too) is just a few kibbles of another healthy dry food. Between both cats, they don't even eat a total of one cup of dry food daily. I've also had her tested to make sure she didn't have diabetes or thyroid issues or something and her tests were great. Any recommendations you could give would be great! It would be great if the NEW Pets Plus helps their joints too. πŸ™‚ God Bless you, look forward to hearing back from you, Valorie

    1. Thanks for your enquiry Val.
      Raw food would be the best, as anything dried / processed has few available nutrients. Please see the diet sheet on my web site, with suggested suppliers (in UK...not much use to you!)
      Pet Plus is of course wonderful!!!
      You could also give her Aloe Vera, an anti-inflammatory plant.
      Also turmeric, the anti-inflammatory spice .... try 1/4 tsp and see if she likes it. If not, don't worry. Stick to the Pet Plus.

  6. I shld of said he's only a 14kg 2yo staffy cross. Don't kno if that changes things but he's not pood either πŸ™

    1. Sounds like he may have swallowed something else too as just swallowing one Juice Plus capsule / tablet would not stop him poohing nor would it make him vomit, so I think you'd better go to the vet and see what's going on.

  7. Susanah hello Goodmorning. My juice plus rep said the human juice plus wld b ok for dogs and lastnite my foster got hold of i think a veg jp chew but I didn't think anything of it as rep said wld b ok but then the dog vomited up last nites meal and this morns meal. Really almost instantly like it didn't get down to belly at all! I don't kno wat to do and hav given him puppy milk water in hope to 'wash it down'. Will it hav caused him damage/blockage and any suggestions wat I can do please? X

    1. Yes, human JP is OK, so it's interesting that he vomited.
      Just give him raw egg mixed with cold boiled rice, a little and often for 24 hours. Plenty of filtered / bottled water to drink. Then back to normal food as long as he's not vomiting any more.
      As a nutritional supplement, the Pet Plus for Dogs would be a much better option, but I understand that he gobbled this up by accident!!
      Hope this helps you.

      1. Thankyou so much for replying so quick. He's not pood yet today so I worry there's a blockage butyes, will giv him raw(uncooked?) egg and rice and monitor how he goes. We too shop riverford so at least is truly free range eggs. Thankyou. X

  8. I have a Shih Tzu who did not have a very good start in life, has had tummy problems since I recued her at 1 1/2 yrs old. She is nearly 8 yrs old now. 2yrs ago she had a exploding disc so was paralized. Is walking but very slowly still having treatment regularly and I have own ten machine for her as not much muscle in her back legs. Now we have found she has Crohn's which is why she has had so many tummy problems and she is very skinny. My daughter in law does juice plus and has been doing some research for me and found your site. Can you help please. Jenny Dimmer.

    1. That is such a sad story. Glad she is managing to walk again now.
      Pet Plus has helped numerous dogs and cats with tummy troubles. Just order it from my web site and I will post it to you.
      I also advise raw food, filtered / bottled water, avoid WiFi, vaccination and chemicals of all descriptions.

      1. Have ordered Pet Plus, I am a bit worried about feeding her raw food as did try once and it went straight through her. Have already stopped giving her tap water. We travel to France a lot where our vet is fantastic and not expensive like over here so she has to have her rabies.Where do you recommend I get her food from.

        1. I'd suggest you take her to a homoeopathic vet to undo the damage caused by the vaccinations she has to have.
          There are numerous suppliers of raw minced up meat and bone. I have just ordered the Meat Feast and the Tripe from Benyfit which is an excellent company. I avoid anything with root vegetables in it as carbs do not digest properly in the environment required to digest meat and bone and fat. Honeys Real Dog Food also are excellent and do a range that is just meat and bone. You need to liquidize up your own greens to mix with the meat and bone minces. Wolf Tucker is another producer I have used, as are Nutriment, Natural Instinct and Nature's Menu. They are all different and some are much better than others with the two I first mentioned being the best quality and the most ethically produced as far as I know.
          I also buy organic chicken carcasses from Riverford organics and wild rabbit carcasses from Honey's and from Farmer's Choice. Farmed rabbit is utterly unethical and disgusting in every possible way! Poor bunnies.

  9. Hi Susanna;

    My baby girl, a 4.5 lb. Chihuahua, has triple threat heart disease and a poor prognosis. She has a heart murmur, congenital heart failure and an enlarged heart. She has been given 1 1/2 to 2 years to live. What could the Juice Plus for dogs do for her?

    Also, I have a 17 year old kitty that is beginning to show her age in her coat and in her slower pace. What can the Juice Plus for cats do for her?

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.


    1. I forgot to mention that my pup is only 2 1/2 years old. Not sure if that matters but there you go. =)

      1. She's done well to reach that ripe old age! I hope you choose to improve her nutrition so her body can have a go at repairing itself to make the most of what she's got.

    2. Thanks for your questions Cara-Leigh.
      The answers are throughout my website!
      There is no disease that doesn't improve with improved nutrition. In other words, adding Pet Plus to their food will give their bodies the micronutrients they need to start repairing themselves.
      I am sure you will have read on this web site of mine that feeding raw food, as designed by nature, and giving chemical-free water to drink (i.e. filtered / glass-bottled / clean rain water), also as designed by nature, will help enormously for 2 main reasons:
      One is that raw food and clean water provide the ingredients to enable our bodies to function properly
      And secondly, reducing the chemical overload on the body allows it to spend its energy on healing the body instead of having to waste energy ridding itself of the massive amount of chemicals, denatured macro-molecules (especially the proteins in processed food) and toxins found in processed food and tap water.
      If you can make these changes, your pets might manage to repair their damaged bodies.

      17 years old is good for a cat these days! I imagine she is a normal cat, not a specific breed, so is benefiting from 'hybrid vigor', having a broad range of genetic material from 2 totally unrelated parents.
      The problem with pure bred pets is that their genetic material is from an extremely small gene pool, so her parents are likely to have been fairly closely related. Any health problems running through the parents will be exacerbated and reinforced because there is too much overlap in the genetic material. Breeders do this routinely and call it 'line breeding'. It is frankly disgraceful and leaves the pets and their owners with these terrible problems to deal with. I suspect that is a large part of your Chihuahua's problems. You can help to reduce the severity of what she has inherited by feeding her naturally.
      As we naturopathic nutritionist vets often say, 'Genetics loads the pistol, nutrition pulls the trigger' so both things work together as nothing ever works in isolation in natural systems.
      I hope this is helpful.

    1. Interesting question.
      There is no right or wrong way. Some cats and dogs lick it up off the floor or a plate.
      Some eat it in their food mixed in or sprinkled on the top. Some like their kibble to be moistened, then the Pet Plus sprinkled and mixed in so it coats the kibble.
      Virtually all cats and most dogs lick it off their fur.

      So currently, my dog eats it mixed in her food. If I sprinkle it on her food she won't eat it. If I put the Pet Plus on a plate or on the floor, she licks it up.

      My cat often won't eat his food if the Pet Plus is mixed in it. He will always lick it off his fur, so I sprinkle it on his fur while he is eating or at some other time. He often licks it up if I put it on a plate or on the floor.

      So they are all rugged individuals. Just experiment and find the way that works for you and your dogs and cats.

      1. Awesome.. Will be trying your methods to see which works best for my cats. Thank you for answering my message!

  10. Hi, My name is Carol. I just ordered your pets plus coming in mail. Where do you get liguidized greens.

    1. I buy organic green veg like broccoli, kale, spinach, celery, parsley, basil, cucumber and pulverize / liquidize a selection of them. I make green juice for myself every morning and give the pulp to the dogs. But if you don't juice, use a liquidizer / blender / smoothie maker. And use the veg straight away. Once you smash open the cells in the greens by liquidizing them, they will start to deteriorate fast, so use straight away.
      Some raw pet food suppliers sell frozen liquidized greens. That's better than nothing!
      The reason for liquidizing the greens is that carnivores (dogs, cats, ferrets) are not good at chewing food and find digesting the cellulose cell walls impossible! In nature, they rely on the digestive enzymes in the guts of the herbivore prey (rabbit, sheep....) and the amazing chewing grinding teeth of these herbivores which very successfully grind the greenery down to a pulp.
      Grating or finely chopping the vegetables is a complete waste of time as they remain completely indigestible to our carnivorous friends!

  11. Hello Susanna,
    My family has been taking Juice Plus+ since October 2013 and love it! I have since become a distributor and was asked to have a booth at an animal hospital tonight. I see so many testimonials from pet owners and the benefits for their furry family members. I am hesitant to promote tonight beyond human use because of the grapes in vineyard blend and the onion & garlic in the garden blend. Any thoughts on how I should approach this? Thanks so much! -Tricia

    1. Thanks for your question which I answered already on Facebook, but it's useful for everyone to know the answer!
      Juice Plus is brilliant for people, but it is not designed for pets, so you are right not to use it. It is for this very reason that we created Pet Plus, which is the pets' equivalent to Juice Plus for humans.
      Hope the evening went well.I'm happy to supply Pet Plus to you and the animal hospital!

  12. Hello there.
    Please could you tell me if cats and dogs would benefit from having Juice Plus capsules ? I'm sorry if this sounds strange. I'm sure the Pet Plus would be best. A client of mine asked and I'm thrilled to have found this site !
    Many thanks

    1. Juice Plus is designed for humans and meets their specific nutritional requirements, i.e. lots of ripe raw fruits, vegetables and berries. This is not what dogs and cats need! They are carnivores and need raw meat and bone with liquidized greens and the numerous micro-nutrients found in the guts of the herbivores they would eat (e.g. rabbits). Pet Plus is specifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of dogs and cats, incorporating the whole food based micro-nutrients found in a whole raw animal diet. So I wouldn't give Juice Plus to a carnivore! Give them Pet Plus! It's so much better!

    1. I haven't done any specific research on heart worms so can't give you a definitive answer. However, feeding Pet Plus provides the nutrients required to run an efficient immune system, especially if fed raw food as well, then their body doesn't have to raise an immune response to the processed 'food' they have to eat to survive if they can't hunt for themselves (digestive leucocytosis is the technical term!)
      So, given a healthy system, it's much easier to resist parasitic infestations.
      Hope that gives you some help.

      1. I can say this is the best nutrition I've ever had for the whole family!!! Thanks to my dog (13 years), who eats Pet Plus for Dogs and my whole family who recognized the efficiency of the human version, Juice Plus. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
        Thanks to Juice Plus+!

  13. Hi Susanna, IΒ΄m Hartmut from Germany. Do you have any information or experience about Juice Plus or Pet Plus concerning tuning of horses nutrition?
    I am JP distributor as well and it would be great to hear from you!
    Best regards
    Dr. Hartmut Voss-Vornweg, Human Dental Surgery, Germany

    1. Hi Hartmut,

      Pet Plus is for dogs and cats, not for horses.

      The best nutritional supplement I have ever found for horses is called Missing Link for Horses. It is really brilliant.

      Hope that helps.

      Best wishes,


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