Pet Plus - How Long Will A Tub Of Pet Plus Last?

Feeding PET Plus To Your Cat

Cats are mostly about the same size, so generally need one quarter of a teaspoonful mixed in with their food every day. At that rate, a pot of Pet Plus would last one cat 4-6 months, depending on the exact size of the teaspoon!

There are some very large cats, like Norwegian Forest cats, that can weigh over 7.5kg. They would benefit from having half a teaspoonful daily, so a pot would last one of these huge cats 2-3 months.

Feeding PET Plus To Your Dog

There is much more variety in the sizes of dogs. At Crufts, you see them all! I find it quite amazing really that one species can be represented in so many different ways.

A small dog weighing less that 7.5kg needs one quarter of a teaspoonful mixed in with the food daily, so one of the 100g pots of PET Plus would last 4-6 months.

Medium sized dogs of 7.5-15kg need half a teaspoonful daily, so the pot would last one dog 2-3 months. Large dogs over 15kg need a whole teaspoonful. As the 100g pot would only last one month, I'd suggest the 400g pot would be better value and would last 4 months.

Shelf Life

The beauty of having a carefully dried powder is that the integrity and activity of the ingredients is maintained without any preservatives! All those antioxidants, enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics, phytonutrients, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals are still alive but in 'suspended animation' if you like, becoming active when the powder is wet. When the powder is mixed with food and eaten, the ingredients behave as if they were fresh and raw! It's wonderfully simple and natural!

The probiotics in the PET Plus are the most delicate ingredient and are guaranteed to be present in the numbers stated on the label until at least two years after the manufacturing date printed on the bottom of each pot. The activity of the probiotics might then theoretically slowly reduce as long as the pot is still sealed and closed.

Once the pot is opened, the powder would be exposed to oxygen and humidity from the air, and may become damp. After some time, some of the nutrients could start to deteriorate, not to anything harmful, but the powder might just be less beneficial. It is important to keep your PET Plus in a cool dry place, as stated on the label, to protect and preserve the activity of all those vital ingredients.

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