Canine Haemolytic Anaemia Update

In my last blog post, I discussed my way of treating my dog's Haemolytic Anaemia. She was on medication in total for only four weeks, including the two weeks of gradually reducing the dosage. The majority of dogs have to stay on cortisone and Azathioprine for many months. Some have a relapse as soon as the medication stops, so have to stay on these drugs for life.

It is now ten days since her last cortisone tablet, so I decided it was time to do a blood test to see if she really has recovered so incredibly quickly.

It is good news! Her blood count is normal. I am so relieved! As she has made such a rapid and complete recovery from this life threatening illness and had virtually no side effects from the drugs, I thought you'd like to know what I did differently, in addition to the short spell of the conventional drug based treatment.

What Did I Do Differently?

I used a combination of conventional and naturopathic or complementary treatments and supported her with natural, raw food and clean, chemical free water.


The vast majority of people feed their pets on processed food which is by definition unnatural and therefore more difficult for the body to deal with. When anyone is critically ill, they need instant access to perfect nutrients with as little effort as possible. Every extra bit of work the body has to do to access those nutrients and convert them into something usable is valuable energy wasted. The energy would be better spent on repair and recovery!

Raw food is so much easier to digest and provides unadulterated nutrients which can rapidly be put to good use. Processing destroys enzymes which are necessary for digesting, absorbing and using the food. So the pancreas has to create new enzymes which uses up a lot of energy. Adding Pet Plus provides those enzymes so that at least takes the load off the very energy expensive enzyme production system and makes the food more accessible.

In any case, there is no condition which benefits from poor nutrition!


We have a whole house water filter which removes the chemicals like chlorine from our water supply. This clean water is then more readily available to the body as it doesn't need to deal with the chemicals first. Wasting the body's energy detoxifying and eliminating chemicals reduces the amount of energy available for healing and repair.

Again, anyone who's critically ill cannot afford to throw energy away on unnecessary tasks.We also magnetize and energize our water so that it is more like the water we would naturally drink from a stream.

The Great Outdoors

Every day, I took Rocky out for a gentle stroll in the forest. She hadn't the energy to go running about at all, but Floss kept her entertained chasing the frisbee, which I also threw to Rocky so she could have the pleasure of catching it too! Sunlight, fresh air, soil and grass underfoot, birds singing. Who knows exactly what these natural elements offer, but they so obviously raise all our spirits which can only be a good thing.

Nutritional Supplements

Pet Plus for Dogs was the main nutritional support as it provides everything nature prescribed!
Aloe Vera is a very useful anti-inflammatory and provides many nutrients; I only use it as a treatment as none of us are designed to eat its leaves as part of our daily diet!

Omega 3 is present in the Pet Plus, but in Rocky's situation, extra flax seed oil could help with the stabilization and repair of cell membranes, especially of her red blood cells.

Samylin contains Milk Thistle and SAMe, both of which help the liver and probably the red blood cell membranes too.
Probiotics are present in vast numbers in the Pet Plus, but because she was on antibiotics for a week, I felt it might help to give her even more.

Wheat grass is also in the Pet Plus, but again I thought in her critical condition, giving her some extra would be a good idea. It can help with the production of haemoglobin and the regeneration of red blood cells.

Rest, Healing Blanket and TLC!

When we are resting, our bodies are busy with healing and repair, tasks which cannot be performed thoroughly while we are awake and active. Rocky spent a lot of time asleep either curled up in her bed or in the Healing Blanket. Floss or one of the cats often lay with her wherever she was, which must have been comforting, at least until the kitten decided to pounce on her tail! She also received a lot of Tender Loving Care, as they all do all the time. I'm sure emotional well being is at least as important as all the rest of the treatments.

Homoeopathy And Cranial Osteopathy

When I found the right homoeopathic remedy for Rocky, I saw a change within minutes of giving it to her. That was certainly one of the factors in her turning the corner and starting to recover. Later on, the cranial osteopathy also had a dramatic effect as her recovery seemed to have reached a plateau. Straight after the treatment, she was much more energetic and had pinker gums, a good sign of improving circulation. When we went for our gentle stroll in the woods, she actually ran after the frisbee, which she hadn't done for three weeks.

In Summary

The beauty of complementary therapies is that they work with the body's natural healing abilities and have no deleterious side effects. At the very least, these treatments can do no harm and at their best, they can do a vast amount of good. I really don't understand why the medical profession as a whole has failed to embrace these healing modalities with open arms!

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5 comments on “Canine Haemolytic Anaemia Update”

  1. Hi Suzi,

    I don't know where I can find these products in Marbella, so I will start a search. However, I have already bought some minced meat and started feeding Sami with that. I have also cut-out her normal diet of Royal Canine. Is that correct?

    She is with me at home at the moment and is still anxious, but I feel much happier now that I have a course of action laid out for me to follow

    many thanks


    1. Hi Graham,

      Well done. Great to get started straight away. Yes, cut out her dried food altogether, even though it is theoretically a good quality one. The cooking process unfortunately damages all the ingredients so they are difficult for the body to deal with, to say the least!

      Also, do this for both of them, as feeding raw food might well reduce the aggression of your other dog. However, dogs are pack animals and there is nearly always one dominant dog. Accept that as it is their nature. Make sure you always feed the dominant dog first and do everything to the dominant dog first, otherwise he will take out his frustration on her. As long as you obey the rules of nature, everything will work better.

      Feeding the mince is fine to start with, but you do need to get some bone in there too, so I'd suggest you ask your butcher to mince up some chicken carcasses so you get minced up meat and bone. Remember to liquidize some greens and mix those in with the minced meat or meat and bone. Raw egg is also very useful. They would eat that in the wild too. In the UK we can get several types of frozen minced raw meat and bone, so have a look in your big pet shps in the freezer section. Do let me know what you find!

      The Pet Plus is the most important supplement to give. You can order that from this web site. I often post it to Spain and the rest of the world!

      I expect you have health food shops which sell all sorts of herbs, so just ask them for calming herbs, like Valerian. Otherwise, I can of course get some here and post it, but it would be better for you to find a local supplier I think.

      I hope that helps.


  2. I am writing to ask for your advice. I am located in Spain and I have 3 Yorkshire Terriers. One called Sami is suffering from acute anxiety. She has had all the tests at the vets, but they say that there is nothing clinically wrong with her. However she is suffering severely.

    Panting, palpitations, high temperature (back of neck and kidney region), poor appetite.

    Is fine when everyone is in the apt. but when Ines goes to the Pizzeria, she immediately starts to get anxious and runs around the house very anxiously.

    She had an anxiety attack some months ago and collapsed. She almost died. We rushed her to a vet who kept her on drips for 36 hrs. after which she recovered.

    Romi is very dominant and Sami is very sensitive. They don't get on particularly well. Can you make any suggestions?

    1. Hi Graham - I'd suggest changing all of them onto a raw food diet, so raw minced meat and bone like chicken, rabbit, lamb / sheep, goat, (not pork!!)... Their local butcher will probably mince it up for them. They may be able to get it frozen in pet shops, but not sure on availability in Spain.

      They need to mix that with liquidized greens at a ratio of approximately 2/3 meat and bone to 1/3 liquidized green vegetables. Adding Pet Plus would certainly help. Add omega 3 oil, like flax (linseed) oil (it's in Pet Plus). This is a great nutrient for the nervous system.

      Filter the water they have to drink to make sure there are no chemicals in it.

      Get some de-stressing herbs from the health food shop, like Valerian or Ashwagandha.

      The reason for getting off cooked and processed foods is to make sure they are not getting any chemicals and damaged proteins which are found in all processed foods. The nutrients in the raw food are all 100% bioavailable with no toxic residues.

      Avoid vaccinating any more as this tends to exacerbate any problems like this.

      Hope this helps.


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