Drinking Water Is The First Step To Good Health

I had a really interesting phone call today from a man who came to one of my Health and Nutrition talks last year. He was really excited to tell me how his life had improved since he changed his diet as a result of my talk.

Being a very energetic, fit, healthy young man, always on the go, he carries no fat but suffered terrible drops in energy and a bit of a temper if he didn't eat often. In fact, he was really worried about these awful mood swings as he was usually incredibly helpful and charming, then suddenly would just flip.
Living on chocolate bars, sandwiches and fizzy drinks in between beautifully prepared healthy meals, no-one could understand how he could eat so much without putting on weight.

During my talk, I explained how to nourish your body by eating mostly raw fruit and raw vegetables, soaked nuts and sprouted seeds. Keeping your body hydrated is also essential as 85% of your body is water. If you become dehydrated, your nervous system is the first to fail making it difficult for you to think clearly, giving you a headache and a feeling of tiredness. When you feel any of those things, the first thing to do is to drink some clean, chemical-free, still water, but prevention is better than cure!

He changed his drinking habits and now drinks at least 2 litres of clean, still water every day. Finding he could think more clearly, he was able to change his diet and now starts every day with a big fruit smoothie. He snacks on fruit through the day if he needs to and eats various vegetables for lunch and tea, with sprouted seeds and soaked nuts. He also takes Juice Plus, the world's most scientifically proven nutritional supplement comprising 30 of the most nutrient dense ripe raw fruits and vegetables, encapsulated. It doesn't get much easier!

Never having those energy drops any more, his temperament is now completely level and he feels so much happier. He can sort out the various daily challenges he faces with a calm, logical, clear mind, which makes life much easier for him.

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2 comments on “Drinking Water Is The First Step To Good Health”

  1. Its been suggested that adding PetPlus to my dog's food (she is now on raw food) might help with her periodic desire to eat dog poo, including her own. Changing to raw food might have helped (she isn't getting the minor stomach problems she used to have) but its not completely sorted the poo eating out. Any comments or suggestions?


    1. Great question Rachael.

      Often dogs eat their own faeces because they contain undigested food, so adding Pet Plus will help reduce that by increasing the digestibility of her food. Raw food is also more digestible so that's an excellent change to have made.

      A nutritional deficiency can also drive dogs to eat other dogs' faeces as well as their own. Pet Plus helps in that situation by proving an enormous range of nutrients and micronutrients which should gradually reverse that deficiency, as long as the poo-eating hasn't become a habit!

      Dogs often eat herbivores' faeces, a rich source of nutrients! After all, herbivore faeces are just ground up partly digested grass! Some herbivores (horses and rabbits) are designed to eat their faeces at certain times, known as coprophagia. It's an essential part of their digestive processes.

      I hope that helps.


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