PET Plus Supplement Ingredients

Pet Plus is a powdered supplement containing the nutrients and micronutrients our cats and dogs would have eaten in the wild.

We're constantly reviewing the PET PLus ingredients and adding new ones as new nutrition research emerges.

As more and more research is completed on the effectiveness of various nutrients and micronutrients, so new recommendations emerge for supplementing the diets of cats and dogs, and of course, humans.

At Pet Plus, we keep abreast of this new information, so we are constantly improving the formulation of Pet Plus.


Did you know that enzymes are essential to health but that they don't exist in processed food?

Raw food is full of enzymes. Enzymes are essential for life, so every living cell has plenty. But enzymes are destroyed by heat and exposure to various chemicals. This is why processed food contains no enzymes.

Fortunately though, the body is capable of making enzymes, and does so in order to digest the food.

The body can make enzymes but it is seriously hard work which can wear it out!

But making enzymes is an energy expensive process, and particularly hard work for the pancreas. As a result, pancreatitis is becoming increasingly common, as an overworked pancreas becomes inflamed, painful and unable to fulfill its function.

PET Plus Enzymes

In Pet Plus, we've used Proteases and AstraZyme for protein digestion, Amylases for carbohydrate digestion, Lipases for fat digestion and blend of highly active enzymes for the digestion of vegetation.

On a processed food diet, these enzymes are critical for the proper digestion and assimilation of the nutrients, as enzymes are rendered inactive by the heating involved in the production of processed foods.

Also, many pet processed foods are bulked out by cheap cereal based fillers which are very difficult for dogs and cats to digest and totally inappropriate for a carnivore.

The addition of Pet Plus to processed food facilitates digestion, easing the load on the pancreas and enabling your pets to gain more nutrition from their food.

Cats and dogs need vegetables in their diet. Who knew?

Fed a raw food diet, the enzymes in Pet Plus help with the digestion of the raw food, especially the vegetation. Dogs and cats are not good at digesting vegetation, but they need it!

Cats and dogs would normally access most vegetable nutrition from the intestinal contents of their prey, where it has already been well chewed, partly digested and is full of vegetation-digesting enzymes and probiotics.

So the blend of highly active enzymes in PET Plus for the digestion of vegetation is especially important.

Dogs And Cats Need Probiotics

Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Lactobacillus Plantarum are a complementary pair of the best probiotics for dogs and cats. They colonize the gut easily, create an environment that discourages pathogens and do not transfer antibiotic resistance, unlike some other probiotics.

We decided not to use several other probiotic species as Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Lactobacillus Plantarum work well together. They are found in the intestines of all carnivores and the herbivores they eat.

This dramatically impacts their ability to digest food and so aids a healthy digestive system. This is of great benefit to everyone within sniffing distance!

Probiotics have also been shown to be critically important in maintaining a healthy immune system. This is especially key in these times of increasing antibiotic resistance.

If your immune system can protect you from pathogenic invaders, the need for medication, like antibiotics, is vastly reduced.

Cats And Dogs Need Prebiotics And Antioxidants

Fructo-Oligo Saccharides (FOS) are known to be the very best prebiotics, providing so much support for the existing healthy gut flora that supplying probiotics is almost unnecessary!

We decided to do both with Pet Plus, to give our dogs and cats the best of both worlds! Frutafit Inulin IQ is the patented source of the most effective of all the fructo-oligosaccharides in a whole food form.

We've chosen this prebiotic nutrient to support the probiotics as it is plant based, very palatable and completely natural.

Alfafa, wheatgrass, barley grass and beetroot fibre are all included

Alfalfa, wheat grass and barley grass have been pulverized and juiced then carefully dried so that all those fabulous nutrients, which would otherwise be hidden inside the cells, are preserved without chemicals and readily available to our pets. The beet root fibre is also a great source of fibre.

Together, these five ingredients are an essential support for the probiotics and provide an enormous number of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.


As part of a group of nutrient dense aquatic plants, the single-celled Chlorella algae is attracting a lot of well deserved attention.

It contains a staggering array of nutrients and micronutrients of great benefit to us all - people, cats and dogs! Chlorella is the richest source of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is a photosynthesizing molecule closest in structure to the oxygen carrying haemoglobin molecule in animals.

Chlorella is an excellent source of essential fatty acids (EFAs), notably the anti-inflammatory Omega 3. Chlorella also contains numerous minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, phytonutrients, proteins and plenty of probiotic-supporting prebiotics.

All this is readily available for absorption by our dogs and cats as we have chosen the very best quality cracked cell wall Chlorella for Pet Plus. As this nutrient dense plant is incredibly green, the Pet Plus powders are green when dry and stay green when mixed with wet food!

Cats also love Chlorella, as I discovered when I dropped one of my Chlorella tablets on the floor and he quickly gobbled it up. I was amazed!

Have you noticed that blueberries are everywhere?

Bilberries (Or Blueberries)

You have probably noticed the sudden increase in popularity of bilberries. They are rich sources of antioxidants, resveratrols and numerous other highly active 'superfood' micronutrients.

These things work together to protect our cells from free radical damage, inflammation and numerous other challenges.

Hemp Seeds And Flax Seeds

Excellent sources of essential fatty acids (EFAs), hemp and flax seeds supply the perfect balance of omega 3, 6 and 9 for dogs and cats. Omega 3 is especially important these days as it is has potent anti-inflammatory properties, protecting the integrity of cell membranes throughout the body.

Other EFAs form the building blocks for hormone production, essential for the body's internal communication mechanisms. Hemp and flax are also rich sources of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, complete proteins and phytonutrients and support the probiotics.

As the seeds themselves would be difficult to digest, we have powdered them.

Brewers Yeast And Nutritional Yeast

Repelling parasites and supplying plenty of B vitamins are the main roles of these two yeasts. Tasting delicious, they also provide many other important nutrients as well as enhancing the flavour.

Dogs and cats love the taste of nutritional yeast!

They are completely harmless, being unrelated to the pathogenic yeasts, which occasionally colonize inflamed areas of pet bodies, most notably the ears.

Cats and dogs love the taste of nutritional yeast, helping them to enjoy Pet Plus in their food. Cats happily lick Pet Plus off their fur, while dogs are quick to lick it off the floor when the opportunity arises.

Coenzyme Q 10 (Ubiquinone)

Efficient energy production by the cells is critical for health. Coenzyme Q10 (20mg per teaspoon of Pet Plus) is an essential co-factor for the release of energy from food in the mitochondria, the energy powerhouses of every cell.

This fuels all the body's systems, enhancing the smooth running of the whole body, especially the immune system and the cardiovascular system.


Taurine is essential for feline health. Cats are unique in their inability to make it themselves from other dietary ingredients. So a plentiful supply is provided in Pet Plus for Cats.

It's presence is associated with a healthy cardiovascular system, eyesight and neurological function. It prevents the cardiomyopathy, retinal degeneration and epilepsy which can occur when dietary taurine is deficient.

An increasing number of dogs seem to be suffering from taurine deficiency, so we are adding taurine to Pet Plus for Dogs in the next batch.

Summary - Synergy With Nature

The key to successful nutritional supplementation is to use the ingredients found in nature in their whole form.

There are at least 15,000 micronutrients in raw food which all work together, synergistically. If we isolate these to make individual vitamins, we are removing the very things we need!

Always go for whole food based nutritional supplements and avoid isolates! Why? Because Nature knows best!

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  1. Hi I have an dog with gastro issues. He also has an intolerance to oats, and have noticed that oneof the ingredients is barley grass? Would it be ok to still give it to him? Pilar

    1. Barley grass doesn't have oats in it...nor does the wheat grass. Pet Plus contains the dried juices of the grasses, and doesn't contain any bits of the seeds. So all will be well!

  2. Hi Suzi,
    I am about to have a 3 months old Maine Coon and want to feed him a raw diet as soon as possible. I have done a lot of research but feel a little bit overwhelmed by the amount of information I have found on the Internet.
    I have not seen Calcium in Pet Plus supplement so I guess it means I absolutely need to include bones in the preparation..?
    Also, for a kitten, would you recommend to grind the muscle meat or is it fine to give small chunks? I do not own a grinder so I am hopping that it is not necessary…
    Also, what ratio food/weight should I use?
    If you have any further recommendation, please let me know - I would like to do the best I can with my new kitty.
    Thank you so much for your time.
    Best wishes,

    1. Thanks for your enquiry.
      I have attached a diet sheet for your guidance (sent by email).
      Yes, they do need raw meaty bones.
      You could ask your butcher to mince up a chicken carcass or a rabbit carcass or even whole rabbits / chickens then freeze it in sensible sized blocks for storage. Have a look at or or nature's menu for details of their ingredients.
      I'd suggest you feed him 4 times daily, a little and often, feeding to his appetite. There are all sorts of figures handed out, but these are only approximate guidance. It is essential to feed the right amount for your cat, which will vary according to his activity levels and his build. I'd start off with about 4% of bodyweight per day while he's growing then reduce that to a maintenance of about 2% body weight when he's fully grown (about 6-8 months old), but the most important thing is to see what he wants and how much he wants. Raw eggs are great too. In the wild, they'd catch about 12 mice per day!
      There are loads of minerals in Pet Plus in the wheat grass and other vegetation, but raw meaty bones minced up are the very best source. I wanted to put bonemeal in the Pet Plus, but the only sources are heated, so the enzymes destroyed, so no use at all to man nor beast!!!
      Hope that helps.

  3. Hi Suzi, Is it OK to give this to pregnant cats please? I personally value probiotics and take it myself and as such want to help boost my queens immune system whilst her body makes this wonderful transition. (We feed raw food & kitten dried also for the benefits and the extra protein.)

    1. Yes, Pet Plus is perfect for pregnant and lactating queens, as it is for all stages of life!!
      100% raw food is best too. There is absolutely no benefit at all in feeding any biscuits. The protein and all other nutrients are irreversibly damaged by processing! She would be much better off eating 100% raw!
      Hope that helps.

        1. It depends what you feed raw. Ideally, you'd feed whole herbivores to a carnivore, as that's what they'd eat in the wild. Feeding raw meat and bone and offal and Pet Plus with liquidized green leafy veg (which most cats won't eat (so rely on the Pet Plus for the veg), but most dogs will) is about as close as we can get to feeding whole raw herbivores (like rabbits and mice).
          Taurine (which is in Pet Plus for Cats) is the amino acid essential to cats which is also present in raw meat but most concentrated in heat muscle, which is why it is important to feed heart about 3 times a week. Some of the raw food companies mince up whole herbivores, including their offal, in natural proportions, which is ideal. Taurine does survive freezing, so it is present in the frozen minced offal and frozen heart.
          Excess feeding of liver can lead to an accumulation of vitamin A which can result in osteoporosis, but as long as you feed the offal in nature's proportions, there's no problem.
          I suspect it is Taurine that the dried food company was referring to, but everything is damaged by the cooking process, especially the high temperatures used in making dried biscuits / kibble!!! Raw is far far superior in every possible way!
          Does that answer you question?
          Best wishes

          1. Hi Suzi,
            Your right it is Taurine. I didn't know it is destroyed along with everything else in dried food. I am so pleased found your site. I have now received the pet plus for cats I ordered and am going to start adding it tonight to their raw food. Many thanks for your assistance and for this site. x

  4. Hi Suzi
    I have 4 cats, one has diabetes (she is off insulin & is now diet controlled) and 2 have 'low grade CKD'. My CKD cats have raised blood urea levels (one is 13 & one is 15, sorry don't know what units this is measured in by my vets says that up to 11 is normal), they are both taking Kaminox as their potassium levels where slightly low, the rest of their kidney profiles are normal (phosphate, calcium, creatinine).
    My question is - Is Pet Plus suitable for diabetic and CKD cats, do you think it could help with my cats blood urea levels? (I am very worried about these as the vet keeps telling me that there is nothing I can do about CKD, I appreciate it is not curable but refuse to give up on trying to find something to maybe slow down the progress of this disease)
    I feed my cats Natures Menu & give them bottled water (although I do sometimes have to resort to water in plastic bottles as some shops do not seem to have water in glass bottles). They have 3 water bowls and a drinking fountain to try to encourage them to drink, although they probably do not need much water as I do not feed them any dry food anymore (I stopped this over 2 years ago when my cat was diagnosed with diabetes, I only fed them dry food before this because my vet used to recommend Hill's dry food).
    If you have any other suggestions to help with CKD they would be very much appreciated.
    Kind regards

    1. Hi Louise,
      Thanks for your enquiry.
      Well done for feeding raw and getting off the dry food. That's the most important step. Sounds like the blood results are only just above normal. I think the stress of going to the vets for repeat blood samples won't be helping, so I would probably go for a check up annually only. And don't vaccinate any more at all as that definitely stresses the whole system. If you need some sort of vaccination for some resason, get homoeopathic nosodes from a homoeopathic vet or manufacturer.
      Yes, adding Pet Plus will supply all the enzymes and micronutrients required to help the repair process. Nothing is incurable! Given the right nutrients and lots of love and positive attention, amazing things can happen!
      You probably won't need the Kaminox any more.
      Not sure what you mean by '&amp'
      There are several raw food companies now. Nature's Menu is the one you can buy in Pet Shops. Nutriment ( and Honeys (www.honeysrealdogfood) and Laverstoke organic pet food via Ocado.
      Cats prefer the minced meat and bone without the added vegetables!
      Looking forward to your comments.
      Best wishes,

  5. Hi Sussana
    My 8 year old boy has been diagnosed with Broncho Pheumonia..after the third vet..the first vet said lung cancer after x ray..he then had another x ray...I then went to another vet as I realised I had let him have yearly injection in January. .millebax wormer in febuary and he must of been ill bless him
    He was put on three week course of Softflox. .and now on tuberculin. Lobelia was on echinecia but stopped after a few weeks
    I have changed him onto raw about 8 weeks ago
    He sleeps a lot..and has very yeasty ears and paws which has been ongoing for many years..I used to give him cooked meat and a mixer biscuit so I do realise this was not good for him..are there any ingredients in pet plus that can effect his yeast infection. .I have avoided bromelin and all fruits and veg since hoing raw...I have bought probiotics. .ester vitamin c..floressence. .he is also on Tumeric. .spirulina. .chlorella mix with black pepper
    And raw unrefined organic coconut oil
    He eats very well and weighs about 52 kilos
    He is a bull mastiff/st Bernard/ with American bull dog ..I think lol
    I would appreciate advice..I feel confused with the vet's
    Thank you
    Sorry to be a drama queen xx

    1. Glad you're feeding raw. That's brilliant. It needs to be a balance of raw meat and raw bone with offal once or twice a week. In the wild, they'd eat whole rabbits and sheep and deer etc, so would also get well chewed, partly digested greens, so I always add liquidized green leafy veg to the meat and bone mince. The Pet Plus supplies the rest. You're absolutely right to avoid fruit and root veg as these are too rich in sugar which would feed the yeast.
      There is Brewer's Yeast in Pet Plus as a great source of B vitamins. Although it would seem logical to assume that this yeast would make his 'yeasty ears and feet' worse, that does not happen! I think it's because it's a different source of yeast which the body uses as a nutrient. The combined effect of feeding raw, avoiding sugar and gluten (biscuits etc), filtering all his (and your) water and adding Pet Plus should help his immune system to overcome his challenges.
      Let me know if you need more help.

  6. I have a 7-year old Schipperke, who, 2 years ago, had his first epileptic fit, followed by a cluster during the night. He now takes 30mg phenobarbitone twice daily, but still has the occasional fit, although he is otherwise (touch wood) healthy. He has always been fed a raw diet, but works for 10 pieces of Acana kibble at breakfast time. I supplement with Spirulina, Brewers Yeast, seaweed and cod liver oil. Should I discontinue any of them? Would Pet Plus be beneficial? Because the cat version has a higher taurine content, would this be a good option? This is a 'heart dog'! His life must be as long, healthy and happy as I can make it!!! I should be grateful for any help you can give.
    Thank you

    1. So glad you feed raw! Brilliant! Heart is a rich source of taurine too, interestingly. And yes, I usually put epileptic dogs on the cat Pet Plus for the taurine. If you choose to use the Pet Plus, you can stop all the other supplements! Cod liver oil is not really a good thing...too much vit A and too much toxic yuck from the poor filthy sea in which the cod swim before they are over-fished and have their livers squeezed through a mangle to extract the oil!!! Seaweed is a good source of iodine, but you need to be careful where you get that from these days, with the amount of radioactivity there is in the sea now. Wheat grass,barley grass and alfalfa and the other ingredients in Pet Plus make it pretty unnecessary to feed Spirulina too. So that simplifies things!
      Make sure you have no WiFi anywhere near you or your dog. Put all your internet and phone through wires.
      Make sure the water you supply is filtered or in glass bottles, to reduce the chemical overload from chemical rich tap water which is so polluted with man-made chemicals it is not fit to swallow!
      Could you give him dried liver or tripe sticks or something for treats and rewards???

  7. I have a 2 year old pitbull who has been losing the hair on her back for the past year. I was told pet plus was the answer to help her get healthier and grow her hair back. and thats all i want for my puppy. i just changed her food to an expensive healthy food that is suppose to help incase she has an unknown allergy. But really my question is about pet plus and as I've read its helps animals get a healthier coat but will it help grow her hair back and if so for how long does it take to start working/ does it last.

    1. First thing to do is stop putting the allergy inducing food into her! Raw food is the only biologically appropriate food for any of us! All cooked and processed food is devoid of natural enzymes and micro nutrients. The processing destroys so much and denatures proteins. Processed foods also usually contain cheap cereal fillers, which are totally inappropriate for a carnivore. Gluten and dairy are the commonest allergens, so get her off processed food and onto raw. You can get minced meat and bone from many from for example. Or at the pet shop in the freezers they do Natures Menu frozen meat and bone. Mix that with liquidized greens and Pet Plus. Then when she's used to eating raw, you could give her chicken carcasses which she will chew on for a while and digest perfectly!

  8. Hi,

    I'm really hoping you can help as at a loss from reading pages off google regarding my cat.
    About 3 weeks ago my 4 year old tabby started showing signs typical with that of feline hyperesthesia (sudden boughts of intense tail swishing, dilated pupils, licking of back/tail and running around manically like she's trying to escape something). Not sure if you know much about it but from what I've read, meds are the only option - which I'm hoping to avoid). I've read that a diet change could lower the frequency of attacks - do you think pet plus could help? If you know any info about this let me know as I believe this condition can cause cats to mutilate themselves if left untreated and obviously feeling helpless ūüôĀ
    Thanks, Hannah

    1. Hi Hannah. Thanks for your question about this really distressing situation.
      The cause is irritation to the nervous system which makes it fire off irrationally, much to the cat's distress as well as yours. Other body systems will also be suffering, but in your case, the nervous system is showing the most obvious signs of distress.
      The cause of the irritation is toxins. So where do the toxins come from?
      Processed food, tap water, household chemicals, medications, flea sprays, spot-ons, chemical wormers, vaccinations and so on.
      So to prevent this getting any worse and indeed to heal the nervous system and the whole cat, this is what you need to do.
      Stop the toxic input, so natural raw foods (e.g. (yes, they do cat food too!) and, filtered / bottled (in glass bottles) water, herbal wormers (e.g. Verm-x which cats love), decent nutritional support (Pet Plus) and stop all medications, vaccinations and flea / worm treatments and stop using any chemical household products. Get all natural everything ( is where we get all our household things).
      On raw food, clean water and Pet Plus, you won't have any fleas. If your cat enjoys hunting, you might get the odd worm, so it's worth giving the Verm-x, especially as they love it. I give it to mine at bed time as a treat when I say 'Good-night' to them! 2 for the cat and 4 each for the dogs.
      The Pet Plus has the essential fatty acids which are so important in the support of the nervous system, which is mostly made of fat.
      You could help to reduce the inflammation of the nervous system by giving him Arnica, the homoeopathic tablets you can get from the health food shops. They taste of nothing so he probably won't mind them. Just put one inside his mouth, against the inside of his cheek if you can, but it just needs to stay in there for about 10 seconds to have an effect. If he swallows it, that's fine also.
      I hope that helps.
      You can find a diet sheet on my web site and I'll email you one now.
      Let me know how you get on. Don't delay. Get on with it straight away.
      Have fun on this journey of discovery for you and your dear cat.

  9. This is a common misunderstanding which has been propagated by the fish industry for many years.  Dogs and cats can digest absorb and use the omega 3 in flax!  Just look at the glossy coats of any animals that are given flax oil or ground flax seeds (as in Pet Plus).  One of the many comments I receive from people giving Pet Plus to their dogs and cats is how wonderful and shiny their coats are, a direct result of the flax.
    Being an anti-inflammatory, omega 3 EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids) help the body to overcome all sorts of inflammatory conditions, the most obvious being stiffness in the joints.  Less stiffness and more fluidity of movement is another frequent comment from thousands of happy Pet Plus pet owners!
    We use ground flax seed as this provides the many health giving properties of the whole flax seed, rather than the isolated oil.  As always, whole is infinitely better than any isolated part.
    Also, ethically, I will not steal the krill from the whales!  Pets and people absolutely do not need it at all. Whales depend on it.  
    Flax is a much cleaner source of omega 3 oils than fish as we have polluted the seas and rivers to such an extent, there is no such thing as clean fish. Toxins are stored in fat, so when you squeeze the fish to get the oil out of it, all the toxins come too.  I am not going to add anything that could be at all toxic to my wonderful Pet Plus formulations which are proving to be so incredibly beneficial to our dogs and cats.

  10. Well done!  Presumably you're a JP distributor too.Get her straight onto raw.  I use wild rabbit. Start with minced meat and bone mixed with liquidized greens, so make a green juice for yourself and mix the pulp in with her minced raw meat and bone. I'd give her about 1/2 kg meat and bone mince mixed with at least the same volume of liquidized / pulverized greens....not root veg as there's too much carb in that and it'll ferment in her stomach and give her gas and possibly even bloat.You can also get Prize Choice from pet and cheerful, but their rabbit is pretty fatty as it's of course farmed rabbit.  Wild rabbit is best.  Also chicken, again a bit fatty. Maybe try turkey as that's leaner. Just follow the diet sheet on this web site.
    Filtered water to drink ad lib, fresh every day.
    Snacks of broccoli stalks etc so she has something to chew if she fancies it.
    And of course Pet Plus which has so much more appropriate stuff in it than the veggie JP!!
    And don't waste your money getting a blood work up done.  The answer is to change her diet and then everything will sort itself out.  I've done this before a few hundred times and I know what happens to the blood picture every time, so really, save yourself a fortune!!
    Best wishes,

  11. HI Susanna,  I'm glad to have found this site.  I am a holistic health coach so I understand the importance of nutrition and how that is important for our four legged friends as well.  Here is my situation:  I have a 7 yo extremely overweight golden retriever.  I feed her Halo dry and wet, very measured out, no overfeeding or scraps, twice a day.  I usually add a Juice Plus veggie capsule to her evening meal.  She is so heavy she is having troubles with her back end.  I'm assuming its due to the weight, but there may be some arthritis kicking in there too.  She is still spunky and wants to play but you can tell she is miserable.  Anyway, I am concerned it may be her thyroid, so I am taking her to the vet next week for a complete blood panel.  I'm also wanting to start her on a raw diet and add in your petplus and veggies.  Can you help me plan a diet for her?  
    Thank you so much!

    1. Well yes, I am a JuicePlus distributor and have been for over 6 years now. We love it !!!!

      So, by your recommendation, I am too give Daisy 1/2kg (16-17oz) a day. Should that be split between two meals of 8oz each or 16oz at one meal? Are there any other foods that should be off limits, root veggies for now until her weight is under control, but I was just curious if there are any others. Yes, she is very gassy, burps all the time.

      I also have two cats. One of which is FIV+. They are both on halo as well, but I just know if I put them on a raw diet they would be ever better.

      Thank you sooooo much for you help!!! I want to do the absolute most for my animals so we can have many more years with them. ūüôā


  12. Hello,
    My dog is a 9 year old german shepherd and has recently had a sternotomy to remove a thymoma. She is currently on prize choice minces with 20% vegetables. She also has salmon and white fish once a week plus liver and fish oil every other day. I'm concerned that this diet is not balanced so while looking for vitamin supplements I found your site.
    I have stopped giving her carbohydrates in her food or vegetables that contain high sugars due to her cancer. My question is will I be over supplementing if I give her petplus as it has flaxseed in it and shes already getting fish oil? Also does my dog need taurine - I thought this was just essential for cats?
    As the bilberries are a fruit and must contain natural sugars I am warying of giving this bearing in mind my dogs cancer scare.

    1. Thanks for your questions. Well done for giving her raw food. That's the very best. Check the vegetables and make sure they are only greens. You don't want to be giving her the carbs in root veg either.
      Pet Plus has loads of things in it that will help her system enormously. The flax in there is fine with the fish oil too.
      The taurine is not in the Pet Plus for Dogs, only in the Pet Plus for Cats. We often give the Pet Plus for Cats to epileptic dogs because they need extra taurine.
      The sugar is gone from the bilberries as when they are juiced and then carefully dried, the sugar goes as well. There are some really fabulous antioxidants and phytonutrients in bilberries which is why they are now regarded by many as superfoods.
      Hope that helps.
      Best wishes,

    2. Well done for getting onto raw food.  That's the key. And mixing it with liquidized greens and no carbs is perfect.  Pet Plus will also be an excellent addition. There is no sugar in it as the bilberries are juiced then carefully dried, so driving off the sugar with the water.  Flax seed is an excellent source of omega 3, a much cleaner source than fish oil, although in some circumstances, the fish oil is more easily accessible, so giving both is fine. I would avoid liver as it is the organ of detoxification, so is more likely to carry toxins than any other organ in the body.  So feed heart to get the richness, instead of liver.
      The taurine is in the Pet Plus for cats, not the dog version.
      Have a look at the diet sheet on this web site too.  That gives lots of guidance.

      You can divide the meals for both the cats and the dog if they all eat together. If the cats don't finish their's, pick their bowls up and cover them, ready for the next time they ask for food. In the wild they're all very adaptable, but little cats tend to catch and eat about 14 mice a day. But if they were to catch a rabbit, they wouldn't bother catching anything else, but they also wouldn't eat the whole rabbit at one go.
      Let me know how you get on.

      Best wishes,

      1. petplusvet sales3 I understand, from extensive reading, that dogs can absorb, at most 15% of Flax Oil and should be given Krill Oil instead.

  13. Hi!
    My cat has been eating raw food for the last four weeks, but now he's vomiting it every time (cooked is fine).  I've read that adding enzymes can help?  I really want him to eat good food and it's so sad that he doesn't seem to retain it any more...  What can I do? Will adding PetPlus help him eat raw?

    1. NataliaWW Thanks for your question..  What raw food are you feeding him?  Plain raw meat and bone is simple and best.  I've been using for the last few months and my cats and dogs love it much more than any of the other manufacturer's raw minced meat and bone.  The wild rabbit seems to be the best.  You could also try whole sprats (little fish).  They're in season now and are not as rich as some of the meat and bone minces.
      We need to work out why he's vomiting. The food could be too rich, too fatty or have other stuff in it that doesn't agree with him.  Adding the Pet Plus will certainly make it more digestible.  Pet Plus provides numerous micronutrients in their whole food form, not isolated, so the body can use them to heal itself, whatever it's agenda is!
      Please let me know what you're feeding him.
      Thanks.  Suzi

  14. Hi, I'm just placing my first order for Pet Plus having started my 1 Maine Coon boy on raw food about 2 weeks ago, he's taken to it really well and already looks better than I could have believed, he seems to have come alive so much so that I'm going to go raw for my other 2 cats and dog ( min schnauzer) as I'm still quite new to this I'm looking for some info and ideas on amounts of food required and anything to avoid, cheers.

    1. Sarahypy Thanks for your question Sarah.  Well done! Raw food is wonderful isn't it!  So glad you're going to give it to the others too....what about yourself???
      So, an average cat doing an average amount of leaping around needs about 250 g raw meat and bone with about 20g minced / liquidized / pulverized greens and 1/4 tsp Pet Plus for Cats all mixed in together.  Big cats and more energetic ones and those outside in the cold usually need a bit more.  A min Schnauzer will usually need a bit more than a cat, depending on their weight, size and lifestyle. Mix about 150 g liquidized greens in with the dog's food as dogs are more omnivorous carnivores than cats! The dog might need 1/2 tsp Pet Plus for Dogs if it's over 7.5 kg, but a min Schnauzer is usually about 6 kg, depending on build and so on.  It's important to recognize each as an individual!
      It is hard to generalize on exact amounts as every individual is different. So, I'd suggest you start off splitting a kilo of raw meat and bone mince between the 4 of them, mixing in the appropriate amount of greens and Pet Plus.  See how they all fare on that.  If some are getting too fat, cut their's down.  If some are getting a bit too lean, increase their ration a bit.  Also, fatty meats have more calories than lean meats.  So wild rabbit ( is really lean and nutritious (my team absolutely love it!) whereas farmed rabbit is considerably more fatty.  Lamb is also fatty, so if any of mine are looking a bit too lean, I give them lamb!  Follow your instinct.
      Whole small fish are a great treat.  This is the season for sprats, so give them about 6 sprats each for a meal.  Cats will usually only eat to appetite, whereas dogs are more likely to clear the plate even if they're full.
      If you're thinking about raw for yourself, having seen the vast improvement in your cat, Juice Plus is the human equivalent to Pet Plus.  We have been taking it for 20 years and wouldn't be without it! Juice Plus is the website for all info on Juice Plus.  Let me know if you're interested.  It's certainly changed our lives!
      Looking forward to your comments.
      Suzi x

  15. That's great. So, I'll keep putting the PetPlus on his breakfast. 
    I forgot to tell you that after just a few weeks on raw meat with PetPlus my cat's ear problem has cleared up.
    He was getting a black, sticky tar-like build up in both ears, which has now dried up and practically gone.
    Thanks again

    1. ClareS2 Brilliant!  That black tarry stuff is one of the body's ways of ridding itself of toxins.  So now you are feeding all raw food, there are no more toxins going in, so there's nothing vile for the body to get rid of.
      I wouldn't feed liver every day, by the way.  Maybe 2-3 times a week at the most, unless it's only a small amount.  When I was very first in practice 32 years ago, a dear old lady brought in her dear old cat that was as stiff as a board.  It could barely walk and could only look at things by moving its eyes.  It couldn't move its neck at all.  She had been feeding it on liver and bacon all its life, so it had a serious excess of vitamin A (hypervitaminosis A). This caused such severe osteoporosis that all its joints had collapsed so all the bones had fused.  Shocking!
      That's why cod liver oil is so dangerous.  It's concentrated liver oil, so full of the fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K) as well as all the toxins from the oceans the cod swim in (ugh!) which accumulate in the body.  Excess vitamin A inhibits the osteoblasts from laying down new bone during the constant bone remodelling, recycling activities of the body, but allows the osteoclasts to continue gobbling up the damaged bone that needs to be removed. The result is gradual loss of bone density (osteopaenia) and osteoporosis.
      We need to keep everything in balance and stick to nature's proportions as much as possible.

      1. Hi Suzi, could you tell me how many mg of taurine is contained in the daily one quarter teaspoon dose of PetPlus for cats?
        My cat is doing very well on his raw diet of Worldsway wild rabbit, Natural Instinct meats and homemade raw meals using the TC Premix from Tatzenladen (based on Natascha Wille's original recipe). All with Pet Plus of course!
        It would be great to know what daily level of taurine you recommend.
        Thank you,

        1. Hi Clare,

          There are 25mg Taurine in the 1/4 tsp recommended daily amount of Pet Plus for Cats
          There will also be some in the raw meat you're feeding too.
          Glad to hear it's all going well.

          Best wishes,


          1. Thanks Suzi.

            May I pick your brain again?
            We just adopted two 10 week old kittens. Can I give them PetPlus too?
            I'd like to switch them from their wet food to raw.
            Would you do it "cold turkey" with such young cats, or mix a little with their current pouches first?

            Thank you, we are really grateful for all your advice,

          2. Thanks Clare.
            Yes you can give them Pet Plus and switch them straight onto 100% raw. No need to do a gentle transition.
            You'll have some super healthy kittens there then! Pet Plus is brilliant for all ages of cats and dogs!
            Thanks for your question.

  16. Hi Suzi,
    thanks for your previous reply about bonemeal. I've managed to get my cat to eat Honey's and Natural Instinct ground meats including bone, muscle meat and liver.
    Could you answer another question for me please? My cat loves his PetPlus on his breakfast every day.
    By adding the PetPlus to the above-mentioned meats (already containing some liver) am I risking overdosing my cat with Vitamin A?
    How much liver is in the PetPlus?
    Thank you!

    1. ClareS2 Thanks for your question Clare.
      The desiccated liver in Pet Plus has no fat in it and therefore no fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K) so there is no danger of overdosing vitamin A at all.
      So glad he likes it.

  17. Hi

    Just started my 5 year old miniature schnauser on barf diet mainly because of anal gland issues. A friend mentioned she gives pet plus to her dogs, I wondered if it is suitable for mine only a few months ago before he started the barf diet he had calcium oxilate cystals in his urine although the last test failed to show any.

  18. Hi Susanna, Have you changed the formula in Pet Plus for dogs, as i have just started a new tub and it goes burgundy sort of colour when mixed in with meat and the last tub stayed brown?

    1. Yes, we've improved the formulation by adding bilberries and amazing prebiotics. There's more detail on the website about what's in Pet Plus and New Ingredients. Bilberries supply a fabulous range of micronutrients. I'm so pleased we managed to put them into the new formulation!

  19. My cat seems to have developed an extreme intolerance to anything that contains genetically modified organisms, and also to anything that ate GMO food (for example GMO corn- or soy-fed meats). For this reason I have switched his diet to 50% raw organic chicken, which helps, but doesn't give him all the nutrients he needs. The other half of his diet consists of grain-free wet canned can food. I would like to switch him over to 100% organic and raw, and if possible use your product to complete his nutritional requirements. Does Pets Plus contain any GMOs or GMO-fed ingredients? If so, what percentage of the total ingredients do the GMOs account for?

    1. Isn't it amazing how sensitive we all are sometimes. I wish the world were GMO free. It's a terrible blight on nature really. I wouldn't touch anything GMO myself either. Sensible cat!
      There is nothing GMO or GMO fed in Pet Plus. I wouldn't even think of using anything genetically modified. I am completely against that wretched and completely unnecessary technological 'advance'.
      I'd give him raw organic chicken, rabbit, lamb, fish with liquidized organic greens, like grass, a little nettle and dandelion, broccoli, and so on, all mixed with 1/4 teaspoon of Pet Plus.
      When you use wild greens, make sure it hasn't been sprayed and that it isn't a poisonous plant. This is what I do for my own cats and dogs and they're really fit and healthy. There's a downloadable diet sheet here on the web site too.

  20. I have a beautiful 2 &1/2 year old Maine Coon male who has been diagnosed with IBD. It is a chronic condition, but he is starting to recover from this difficult period. Would Pet Plus be good for him?

    1. Certainly Pet Plus provides the nutrients required for the body to heal itself. The Pet Plus ingredients also nourish and reinforce the gut flora as well as providing numerous digestive enzymes so help with the whole digestive process.
      You could also give him a raw food diet which would give him additional help. His body wouldn't have to deal with all the toxins in processed food! Have a look at my diet sheet for guidance.
      I'll put some printed information in with your order too.

      1. Thank you very much. I have received the Pet Plus for cats and started today to give it to both of my Maine Coons. The male, under the care of the vet, is having to start a series of steroids / anti inflammatory capsules of one a day. i am not certain yet of the length of time. Do you think I should continue with this treatment and slowly wean him off of it. and when should i begin a raw food diet. At the moment he has been on the Royal Canin Sensitivity diet since November. He seemed to be doing great and then had his attack of IBD at the beginning of April, then a biopsy and is now recuperating.
        Thank you and hope to hear from you.

        1. Thanks for your comments and question. The sooner you get him onto raw foods the better. His body will be able to digest them so much more easily than anything that has been cooked and processed as the nutrients will be in their natural form which the body was designed to recognize and deal with. It is amazing how much the molecules are changed by processing. Just think of an egg. What does it look like raw? The transparent albumen is a fluid, but when cooked it becomes a white solid. Imagine the changes that have had to go on for that to happen. So how on earth does the body's digestive system deal with something that is so different from its natural state? With great difficulty and use of numerous precious resources. I could go on, but basically, stick to what nature provides as closely as possible! See how they respond and you may well find you can reduce the medication quite soon.

    2. I breed Yorkshire Terriers and just had to make a comment about Pet Plus for dogs. I feed a raw meat diet and my dogs do extremely well on it and are always keen at meal times, barking at me for their food. All but 2 of my dogs eat a complete raw meat diet and 2 of them will only eat stewing steak or casserole steak. I was worried they were not getting the right nutrients from raw meat alone.
      My vet introduced me to Pet Plus which I feed every day. I am truly amazed at the difference in 2 weeks. They all have so much more energy! I have rescue dogs with disabilities, 2 with spinal damage and I have never seen them run until now. They all look and must feel much happier and visibly healthier.
      I had a couple of concerns, so i rang Suzi and she couldn't have been more helpful. So if you had any doubts, don't have! Pet Plus is the best thing i have given my dogs since changing to a raw meat diet.

      1. What a great comment! I'm so pleased to hear it's made such a difference already. People tell me these things all the time, but you have a lot of dogs and have seen such a significant difference in all of them since starting them on Pet Plus, it can't be just coincidence!
        Thank you for taking the time to write your comments on my web site.

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