Guardian Article About Raw Dog Food And Bacteria

An article appeared in The Guardian on 10th July 2021, describing antibiotic resistant bacteria in raw dog food passing to humans.

I have several comments to make about this fear mongering article! The most frequently recalled pet foods contaminated with various potentially serious pathogens, like Salmonella, are dried kibble biscuits. The pharmaceutical industry has licenced Enterococcus faecalis for use as a probiotic for dogs and cats. Needless to say, I do not use this potentially dangerous bacterium in PET Plus!

The raw pet food industry does not tolerate any bacterial contamination. The deep freezing part of the process is designed to denature any potential pathogens. People who eat meat and fish and other bits of dead animals expose themselves to antibiotic resistant bacteria every time they touch these raw ingredients.

This is because the meat / fish / egg / dairy production industry (animal farming) uses antibiotics too liberally, even using them as daily growth promoters. This induces the bacteria to adapt so they don’t die. These bacteria are then "resistant" to the antibiotics. Bacteria reproduce very quickly and so the survivors of the antibiotic onslaught reproduce with impunity. Thus we have created some amazingly resistant superbugs.

How can we protect ourselves and our pets from these superbugs?

Organic farming is the exception as they are not allowed to abuse the use of antibiotics. How can we protect ourselves and our pets from these superbugs? We must strengthen our immunity so that our bodies can respond quickly and effectively to any invaders without needing to resort to the use of drugs like antibiotics, which only make the situation worse.

And avoid contact with industrial farming products (virtually anything that is not organic!). So how do we do this?

Guess what? The entire family (including our pets) needs to have a healthy lifestyle (see my article on healthy lifestyles for cats and dogs), eating a raw, living, vegan food diet ourselves and feeding raw food to our pets.

Organic Is Best

Clearly, organic is best, but if that's not an option, don’t worry, just feed raw! And it doesn’t need to be dead animals either! I feed my extremely healthy carnivorous pets on raw, living vegan food now. The cat of course hunts his own and I do give him raw organic eggs sometimes. And I think he scavenges too, so goodness only knows what his entire intake is. But the vast majority of his food is raw and vegan.

Adding PET Plus to the food provides all the nutrients needed to support a healthy immune system as well. Of course! The benefits of close contact with healthy, raw fed dogs and cats far outweigh any potential scares of superbug invasions. It's such fun to be able to enjoy a healthy pet without the constant worry of frequent vet visits, medications and sadness endured by those with unhealthy pets and lifestyles.

Dogs Bring Improved Health

There have been numerous studies revealing that families with close contact to the family dog have a much more robust immune system than pet-free families. And remember, the super strong acidity in the stomach of healthy raw fed carnivores is designed to inactivate pathogenic bacteria. So they are very unlikely to pass on anything horrible from their food. It’s only the people handling any raw dead animal parts that need to be careful.

The WHO classes antibiotic resistance as one of the greatest public health threats facing humanity.

The Guardian

I disagree with the WHO statement quoted in the Guardian, saying The WHO classes antibiotic resistance as one of the greatest public health threats facing humanity. In fact, there are many threats facing humanity and one of them is our weakened immune systems which are unable to respond appropriately to potentially pathogenic organisms.

It’'s the unhealthy lifestyle choices which we inflict upon ourselves and our dearly beloved pets which are causing the demise of the health of humans and all the animals associated with humans. Sadly, we humans have extended our polluting activities into the atmosphere, so even wild animals are now suffering. We absolutely have to change our ways now, for the sake of all life on earth.

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